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Bayer Advanced 700280 Complete Insect Killer for Soil and Turf Ready-To-Spray, 32-Ounce

Repel Sportsmen Max Formula 4 oz Insect Repellent Lotion 40% DEET HG-94079

Fiskars 7 Inch Folding Saw (9368)

Red Dragon L-2001 Spark Lighter With Five Flints

RESCUE! FTR Non-Toxic Reusable Fly Trap

Hot Shot Ultra Clear Roach & Ant Gel Bait HG-95769

Safer Brand Grub Killer Ready to Spray Concentrate 32 Ounce 5611

Bayer Advanced 502790 Home Pest Control Indoor and Outdoor Insect Killer Ready-To-Use, 24-Ounce

Monterey LG6130 Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad Ready-to-Spray 16 fl oz

Victor M754 Mini PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, 4-Pack (not available in HI or NM)


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