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Bear River Massacre by Newell Hart (1982-06-01)

Encounter with the Northwestern Shoshoni at Bear River in 1863: Battle or massacre?

Utah Historical Quarterly :Bear River Massacre; Waccara's Utes - Native American Equestrian Adaptations in the Great Basin 1776-1876; Walter K. Granger; Women in Salt Lake City Apartments 1910-1940

Explorations & Discoveries CD-Rom: Bear River Massacre

By Lew Freedman Bears 73, Redskins 0: The Greatest Massacre in NFL History [Hardcover]

Snake River Massacre: The Story of the 1887 Murders They Called "The Crime of the Century"

Wild West Magazine, April 1992, Volume 4 Issue 6

73-0! Bears Over Redskins: The NFL's Graetst Massacre

Torn Between Two Worlds: Books 1 & 2: For the Love of an Indian Woman & Sally's Sacrifice


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