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Rejoice in My Gladness: The Life of Tahirih

Peaceful Liberators: Jain Art from India

A Concise Encyclopedia of the Bahá'í Faith (Concise Encyclopedia of World Faiths)

The Baha'i Faith: A Short History

Shared Characters in Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Narrative: Gods, Kings and Other Heroes (Dialogues in South Asian Traditions: Religion, Philosophy, Literature and History)

Early Asceticism in India: Ājīvikism and Jainism (Routledge Advances in Jaina Studies)

The Golden Age of Zen: Zen Masters of the T'ang Dynasty (Spiritual Masters)

The Jain Saga: Brief History of Jainism - Trisastishalaka Purush Charitra (3 Volumes)

Iconographic Dictionary of the Indian Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism (Asian Arts & Archaeology Series)

Vicissitudes of the Goddess: Reconstructions of the Gramadevata in India's Religious Traditions


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