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Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (Cambridge Series on Information and the Natural Sciences)

Quantum Mechanics, Sixth Edition

Quantum Chance: Nonlocality, Teleportation and Other Quantum Marvels

Introduction to Information Retrieval and Quantum Mechanics (The Information Retrieval Series)

Adiabatic Quantum Computation and Quantum Annealing: Theory and Practice (Synthesis Lectures on Quantum Computing)

Approaching Quantum Computing

Twenty-First Century Quantum Mechanics: Hilbert Space to Quantum Computers: Mathematical Methods and Conceptual Foundations (UNITEXT for Physics)

Approximability of Optimization Problems through Adiabatic Quantum Computation (Synthesis Lectures on Quantum Computing)

Introduction to Topological Quantum Matter & Quantum Computation

The Feynman Processor : Quantum Entanglement and the Computing Revolution (Helix Books Series)


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