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The Decisive Carnival Cruise Line Secrets Checklist & Journal: 10 Things Travel Series (Volume 3)

The Bucket List: Panama Canal Cruise

List of Cabin Class Passengers, S. S. America from New York, Friday, October 11, 1957 to Cobh, Havre, Southampton and Bremerhaven

Traveler January 2011 Gold List World's Best 504 Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines

S.S. Independence List of Passengers, Sunlane Cruise, September 12, 1963 (American Export Lines, Hugh L. Switzer, Commander)

Conde' Nast Traveler Magazine, Truth in Travel (GOLD List World's Best 700 Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines, January 2007)

Passenger List for May 1968 South America Cruise (#44) of SS Santa Magdalena

Passenger List for November 1970 West Indies and South America Cruise (#83) of Santa Mercedes

Traveler January 2010 Gold List 681 World's Best Places to Stay Top Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines


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