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The Last Frontier of the Fading West

Port Orford and North Curry County (Images of America Series)

Shipwrecks of Coos County (Images of America Series)

The Port Orford, Oregon, Meteorite Mystery

"School Evolution, A Study of Southern Coos and Northern Curry School Origins"

Fool's Hill

The Heroes of Battle Rock; Or, The Miners' Reward. A Short Story of Thrilling Interest. How a Small Canon Done Its Work. Port Orford, Oregon, the Scene of the Great Tragedy

Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, With letter from the Chief of Engineers, report of a survey at Port Orford, Oreg.

Port Orford, Oregon, Meteorite Mystery

Letter from the Sec. of War, in Response to Senate Resolution 1/25, 1886, on Appropriation for Breakwater at Port Orford, OR


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