The word at is an English word, which may act as a preposition.

AT (or similar) may also refer to:


Science and technology

In computing

  • @ (or "at sign"), the punctuation symbol now typically used in e-mail addresses (and more recently, tweets)
  • at (Unix), a command used to schedule tasks to be performed at a certain time
  • at (Windows), a command used to schedule other commands to be run at a certain time
  • IBM Personal Computer/AT
  • Hayes command set for computer modems (all commands begin with the characters "AT")

In biology and medicine

In physics and chemistry

  • Astatine, a chemical element with symbol At
  • Ampere-turn (symbol At), an International System of Units (MKS) unit of magnetomotive force
  • Attotesla, 10-18 tesla, an SI derived unit of magnetic flux density
  • Technical atmosphere, a physical unit of pressure

Other uses in science and technology

Other uses

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