BCN Nanotube
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BCN Nanotube
(a,d,e) Electron micrographs of BC2N nanotubes, (b) Electron diffraction pattern, (c) fragment of the nanotube wall.[1]

BCN nanotubes are tubular structures with a sub-micrometer diameter and a length much longer than diameter. They are composed of comparable amounts of boron, carbon and nitrogen atoms.

First made in 1994, synthesis methods have included: arc-discharge, laser ablation, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), template route, and pyrolysis techniques. Single-walled B-C-N nanotubes have been made with a hot-filament method.[2]

Solvothermal synthesis

Vertically aligned arrays of ~BC2N nanotubes can be produced by solvothermal synthesis in a stainless steel autoclave from a mixture of sodium azide (NaN3), ammonium fluoroborate (NH4BF4) and methyl cyanide (CH3CN). The mixture, together with the solvent and other additives is heated to 400 °C for ~14 h.[1] The final composition was approx B19C55N26.[1]

Potential applications

The vertically-aligned BCN nanotubes (made as above) exhibit a high and stable specific capacitance (>500 F/g), which exceeds that of alternative carbon nanomaterials, and therefore have potential applications in supercapacitors.[1][3]

Facile synthesis

Another method produced nanotubes of composition : B45%,C31%,N24%[2] The method was grow them on stainless steel by reacting boron, zinc oxide (ZnO), and ethanol in nitrogen and hydrogen at 1150 °C. The resulting nanotubes had an average diameter of about 90 nm.


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