Cheapside Park

Coordinates: 38°02?53?N 84°29?53?W / 38.047955°N 84.49811°W / 38.047955; -84.49811

Cheapside Bar & Grill now resides near the historic site in downtown Lexington, KY

Cheapside Park is a block in downtown Lexington, Kentucky between Upper Street and Mill Street.

Origin of name

The block's history dates to 1813[1] and is originally borrowed from a history marketplace in London England. The name is a common English street name meaning "market place" from Old English ceapan 'to buy'. Cheapside was a common reference in England, and is frequently referenced in literature.[2]


Cheapside was a major marketplace and one of the largest markets in the South prior to the Civil War, chiefly because of it was so far from the Ohio River and became a major trading hub. One of the largest slave markets in the south existed at Cheapside.[3] President Abraham Lincoln once visited the market.[]


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