Dame Darcy
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Dame Darcy
Dame Darcy
Born (1971-06-19) June 19, 1971 (age 46)
Caldwell, Idaho
Nationality American
Area(s) Cartoonist, fine artist, musician, performer, animator, filmmaker
Notable works
Meat Cake

Dame Darcy [1] (born June 19, 1971, in Caldwell, Idaho),[2] known by her pen name is an American alternative cartoonist,[3] fine artist, musician, cabaret performer, and animator/filmmaker. She is a feminist, witch, vegetarian, environmentalist, coronated Mermaid Queen and Sea Captain. Her "Neo-Victorian"[4] comic book series Meat Cake is published by Fantagraphics Books in a 32-page pamphlet style from 1993-2008.

Meat Cake Bible (Fantagraphics Books, July 2016) Is currently nominated for an Eisner Award at the San Diego Comic Convention 2017-- every story from all 17 issues of Meat Cake (1993-2008), as well as new stories from the unpublished 18th issue; over 400 pages of comics, including all covers, and authors photos. Dame Darcy is currently working on a serial graphic novel entitled Meat Cake The Voyage of Temptress. A sequential nautical adventure starring the cast of Meat Cake, with similar titled screenplay.

Her graphic novels include Handbook for Hot Witches, The Illustrated Jane Eyre,[5]Frightful Fairytales, Gasoline, Dollerium.[5] and more.

Dame Darcy worked with writer Alan Moore and for such publishers as America's Best Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Kitchen Sink Press, Starhead Comix,[6]Penguin Putnam, PressPop Tokyo, Merrell, Henry Holt and Company, and Seven Stories Press. Dame Darcy has published about 100 books internationally, with her comics being translated into Japanese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, among others. Her films and animation have won awards and been shown internationally. Her fine art and dolls have been exhibited and sold in art galleries globally for more than 20 years.


Dame Darcy was raised on an Appaloosa Horse Ranch near a Native American Reservation in Idaho by cowboy poets, and acquired her initial skill set while still a child and teen working as an apprentice to her father in his sign painting studio, Green Tree Graphics.

She began her own career at age 17 when she won a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute.[1] During this time, she majored in animation, and studied film making and performance art while acting in films by George Kuchar.[7] Also publishing Meat Cake as a zine series.

She made her first publishing deal at the age of 21 when her comic book series Meat Cake was picked up by Fantagraphics Books.[1] She originally considered using the pen name "Richard Dirt" but her father suggested adding a title to her own first name instead.[8] So Richard became the cartoon character representing Darcy in her series.

She performed during this time with Lisa Crystal Carver and Jean-Louis Costes's underground cabaret Suckdog Circus.[9] and in Caroliner Rainbow, where she played banjo on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th albums. Also touring with these bands and putting out her own experimental freak folk singles with Nuff Said records (reviewed by Spin and Forced Exposure) and The Cocktails.

After moving to New York City at age 22 Dame Darcy began her freelance illustration career for the Village Voice, NY Press, Paper Mag and others. She illustrated for fashion designers Anna Sui and Gothic Lolita designers CWC, Baby Doll, Ku, Coi Girl Magic and Jared Gold[10] while working as a runway model for CK and other designers.

During this time she continued playing banjo sea shanties and other performance art and music.

Performing in cabarets and rock venues around NYC, acting in experimental short movies and art films, and touring with her music to promote her comics, multiple times around the US, Europe, and Canada. She met and befriended many of her idols during this time, and played as the opening act for Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Michael Gira and Jarboe of Swans (band), Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV, Kembra Pfahler, Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Wikipedia, Courtney Love, Amanda Palmer, Rasputina , Elliott Smith, and performed at Joe Coleman (painter) wedding to Whitney Ward.

From 1996-2000 Darcy collaborated on a TV series for public access with Lisa Hammer entitled Turn Of The Century http://www.like2do.com/video?id=8E3dz, this series produced over 100 episodes, and had a post modern black and white silent film look influenced by German Expressionism, Dada , and Grand Guignol. Some comics from Meat Cake were made into experimental movies at this time.

She finished and optioned her first feature film script, Planet Blue while doing animated comics of Planet Blue for Paper Magazine Online.

http://www.like2do.com/video?id=RNvP8mpsEEc Meat Cake The Play, was produced by Dame Darcy's Patron Sean Hennesy in 2000, and production coordinated by https://www.facebook.com/darcey.leonard Darcey Leonard where it toured a dozen cities in New York and New England. This play was dedicated to the memory of Edward Gorey who Dame Darcy had befriended previously at his home in Cape Cod.

After Dame Darcy witnessed 911 she moved to Los Angeles.

It was during this time the graphic novels, (Ten Speed Press, 2002 ), The Illustrated Jane Eyre (Penguin, 2006), Gasoline (Merrell, 2008) and the Dollerium series and DVD (Tokyo Pop 2007) were published .

When Darcy first moved to L.A. her fine art became represented by The Heller Gallery at Burgamot Station in Santa Monica https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/189967396/. She started doing fine art solo exhibits featuring original art from her books, illustration, and paintings. While in LA from 2001-2007 Darcy continued to do fine art exhibitions at Melt Down Comics http://www.like2do.com/video?id=S48edTWC-aI, Wacko, Burt Green Gallery, Claire Obscura Gallery, and more.

After meeting Tokyo Pop at the San Diego Comic con, Dame Darcy toured Tokyo and Kyoto Japan in 2001 and in 2002.

She then began designing fashion for Japanese Lolita clothing and doll designers Coi-Girl Magic, CWC, KU/Baby and LaForet http://loligoth-dbs.livejournal.com/856.html. Darcy also toured Sydney and Melbourne Australia at this time to promote Frightful Fairytales and Meat Cake. And in 2003 toured with Skippy Spiral in their band Death By Doll at the City OF Women http://www.cityofwomen.org/en/content/events?page=2 Touring in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.

During this time Dame Darcy wrote the graphic novel and screenplay Gasoline https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=10749377965&cm_sp=collections-_-7fugkrLDNBgjWJUOPzxEp0_item_1_57-_-bdp, (which was optioned) and recorded the album Gasoline (Death By Doll, released on Emperor Penguin Records https://www.amazon.com/Gasoline-Dame-Darcys-Death-Doll/dp/B000ICM3M8) at the same time Merrell published the graphic novel.

Dame Darcy also became friends with Neil Gaiman who wrote the introduction for Comic Book Tattoo in which Darcy included a comic illustrating a song by Tori Amos (and signed at San Diego Comic Con) Pandora's Aquarium http://www.like2do.com/video?id=lxFt_WWHvYk, about a mermaid .

Because YouTube wasn't really a thing yet, and Dame Darcy's director Lisa hammer was still in New York, instead of making an experimental TV show in L.A., Darcy instead began auditioning to appear and promote Meat Cake comics through situationist Dada performance art.

Using Hollywood's cheezy Dating Shows as a performance art medium, Dame Darcy appeared on http://www.like2do.com/video?id=yT6MV_Oa5Y4 Blind Date, Elimidate, and others multiple times, wearing a mermaid costume in the hot tub as a swimsuit, threatening to cut the other contestants, and general mayhem. In 2008 Dame Darcy got voted top ten on Flavor of Love 3 and Fantagraphics helped promote the votes behind the scenes, confusing the Hollywood producers and everyone who was not familiar with Darcy's work as to why she was winning.

Darcy returned to NYC, where her fine art became represented by SLOAN FINE ART https://www.google.com/search?q=Alix+Sloan+Gallery&oq=Alix+Sloan+Gallery&aqs=chrome..69i57.1759j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 in LES from 2007-2012 when the gallery was closed due to Hurricane Sandy

While in NYC Dame Darcy co-hosted Naughty Nautical Nite cabaret http://www.like2do.com/video?id=Wftf_yo3Crk&t=308s with musical comedian, Jessica Delfino at the Slipper Room https://www.facebook.com/slipperroomnyc/in SOHO. During this time Dame Darcy was featured in the documentary Mermaids Of New York http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2057436/.

In 2012 Darcy moved to Savannah GA, where she released her feminist empowerment graphic novel advice guide for teens, Hand Book For Hot Witches on Holt. https://www.etsy.com/listing/179199533/hand-book-for-hot-witches-metaphisical At the New York Comic con that year she shared the same signing table as Anne Rice, at an event at Forbidden Planet http://guestofaguest.com/new-york/calendar/2012/october/dame-darcy-book-release-party-handbook-for-hot-witches

And did a promotion event in Atlanta in which long time DD Patron Amy Carter attended.

While in Savannah, Dame Darcy began to crew for sailboats on the intracostal water way and sailed to Charleston and Florida, then went to Sea School to get a Captains License.

Dame Darcy moved to Savannah, "The Most haunted City In America" to buy a house to make into a Meat Cake Themed Hotel which has plans in the works to be a blend of Dollywood and Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. This hotel will be a music and art venue as well.

In the 1990s, Dame Darcy made a doll for Courtney Love which included hair from the late Kurt Cobain. The doll was a gift to Love's daughter Frances Bean Cobain.[11] Dame Darcy planned to auction some of Kurt Cobain's leftover hair in 2015[12] but withdrew it following a complaint from Love.[13]

Her teaching experience varies among all ages and contexts. Dame Darcy taught an independent comics publishing course at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, as well as lecturing and workshops at Columbia University, and in Europe and Japan.

Her latest books in 2016 are Lady Killers (Harper Collins), The Jaywalker, with Lisa Carver, Lucky, and other compilations. Dame Darcy's autobiography, Hi Jax & Hi Jinx, is due out from Feral House in 2018, and has a feature film screenplay, with identical name attached.[] Her self-published Mermaid tarot card decks are independently distributed through www.damedarcy.com on Etsy.[14][15]


Comics/graphic novels


  • The Penalty of Hope: Poems, by Vincent D. Dominion (2010)
  • Blythe (CWC, 2006) -- doll book produced by Hasbro, featuring the fashion doll Blythe
  • Dancing Queen, by Lisa Carver (Henry Holt, 1998)
  • Rollerderby: the Book, by Lisa Carver (Feral House, 1996)
  • Doll House Book (Finnegan, 2000) -- doll designs
  • Funeral Party I and Funeral Party II, by Shade Rupe (1995-1999)
  • Broken Noses and Metempsychoses, by Michael Carter (1998)
  • Hasbro My Little Pony Doll Design
  • Jane Magazine Illustrations for Astrology Section
  • Meat Cake, self-published comic series #1-3
  • Meat Cake, issue #0, Iconographics Publications
  • Star Head Mini Comix
  • Index Mag, Dame Darcy does palm reading for Cindy Sherman, Carol Channing, and others
  • Rollerderby, Regular Contributor
  • New York Press
  • Village Voice
  • Purr, published in U.K.
  • Bananafish mag
  • Pretty Decorating mag
  • Hermenaut mag
  • C.M.J. Catalogue
  • Her mag Staff Artist
  • Last Gasp catalog, cover
  • The Stranger
  • Bust mag
  • Bitch mag
  • Venus mag
  • Stim, online publication
  • Tango Palace,
  • record cover
  • Kittywinder record cover
  • Boss Hog record cover
  • Paper Mag comics and Guestroom with a view Planet Blue animation
  • Word Online Publication,
  • Toozeday Comics Regular Contributor
  • C.H.E.W. Lollapalooza catalog,
  • illustration for Courtney Love tour promotion
  • Pulse mag
  • Dolls mag
  • Vice mag
  • Wired mag
  • Hate comic Peter Bagge Regular Contributor
  • Seattle Weekly
  • Alice mag UK
  • L.A. Weekly Pulpit full-page color comics
  • Visionaire Fashion Magazine, 2001-2002,
  • Fashion Illustration, (N.Y.-based)
  • Jelouse Fashion Magazine, 2002, (French based)
  • MOCA LA Designs for Christmas cards

Clothes design / Fashion illustration

  • Anna Sui - (T-shirt illustration)
  • Baby Doll - (Tokyo-based Gothic Lolita fashion)
  • Coi-Girl Magic - (Tokyo-based Gothic Lolita fashion)
  • CWC - (Tokyo-based doll fashion for Blythe)
  • Jared Gold - (Illustrated designs)
  • KU/Baby Doll - Dame Darcy Designs for Tokyo-based fashion label, also affiliated with
  • LaForet (Tokyo-based)
  • All other design for clothes one of a kind fashion sold /distributed Dame Darcy


  • Duchess and Doppelganger, Cell animation vignette. Animation and artwork by Dame Darcy, 12/95.
  • Turn of the Century, title sequence for Dame Darcy public access television, program.
  • Art design and music by Dame Darcy, computer animation by Chris Kirella, 1996.
  • Golden Shoes, computer animated vignette. Animation and artwork by Dame Darcy. Animated by Adam
  • Gravois. Toured with LowRes Festival, 4/96 and won First Prize for Experimental Animation at the New
  • York Animation Festival, 1999. Presented by Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO.
  • The Victorians, animated segue for PBS special, art and design by Dame Darcy. Computer animation by
  • Adam Gravois, 5/96.
  • MTV Station Identification, art, design and music by Dame Darcy, 7/96. Computer animation by Eric
  • Calderone.
  • Mistakes, vignette for Cartoon Network, art design by Dame Darcy. Storyboard by Mike Bade and stop
  • motion animation by Ben Goldman, 7/97.
  • Paper Doll Fun, computer animated paper doll game. Art and music by Dame Darcy, Animation by Daron
  • Murphy, 1997.
  • Planet Blue, Paper Online. Serialized installments of a partially animated comic, based on the screenplay
  • for the feature film of the same name, 1999-2000.
  • Apple Blossom Time, short animated film with Lisa Barnstone 2000.
  • Jim! Press Pop animation release Tokyo 2005.
  • Rasputina Video 2007.
  • Gasoline animation with Corey Michael Simthson 2008.
  • Paper Doll On line Animation for Dame Darcy.com 2010.
  • Paper Doll Dreams animation and app design 2011-2013
  • Voyage Of Temptress TV pilot / music videos/ animation 2015
  • Isabelle Doll Music Videos 2016
  • Dame Darcy shorts on YouTube channel 2007-2017

Acting and performance

Dame Darcy has recently (2016-on) entered creative collaboration with noted Fine Artist, Designer, Independent Film maker, http://pleasantpaintings.com/ Jalal Pleasant, also known as, 'Pleasant'. Dame Darcy and Isabelle Doll will star as characters, 'Molly Passion' and 'The Supreme Doll' in the upcoming feature length independent film production titled, The UNKNOWN, Battle Against Mediocrity. www.imdb.com/title/tt5803330/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Written and directed by Jalal Pleasant.

  • Independent Films by George Kuchar, San Francisco, CA, 1989-1991
  • Caroliner Rainbow, played banjo and recorded four albums & tour between 1989-91.
  • Suckdog, performance troupe, national tours, 1992 and 1998.
  • Check Out Time, starred in independent feature film directed by Scott Hamrah, 1993.
  • America's Best Eye Glasses, voice over for an animated television commercial directed by Henry Jones,
  • 1995.
  • Kitty Winder, acted in and designed sets for rock videos, 1995.
  • Dame Darcy Plays, starred in short film directed by E. Steven Fried, 1995. GenArt Film Festival Benefit.
  • Turn of the Century, hosts and produces cable access television show on Manhattan neighborhood
  • network, 1995-2000
  • Risque Reverie, starred in short film directed by E. Steven Fried, 1996.
  • The Hamptons International Film Festival, NY 1996
  • The Lower East Side Film Festival, NY 1996
  • Louisville Film & Video Festival, KY 1997
  • The GenArt Film Festival Benefit, NY 1997
  • Wilmington Exchange Festival, 1997
  • The Atlanta Film & Video Festival, 1998
  • Candela Film Festival. 1998
  • Elaborate Empire of Ache, starred in short film directed by Lisa Hammer, 1996
  • Chicago Film Festival, 1997
  • New York Underground Film Festival, 1998
  • European tour with Drift Distribution, 1997-1998.
  • Rest In Peace, starred in an independent short film directed by Rachel Amedeo, 1997.
  • Dance of Death, starred and wrote independent short film, 1997.
  • New York Underground Film Festival, 1999.
  • Autohypnomania, starred in independent short film directed by Alexander Hazeltine, 1998.
  • Black Strap Molasses Family - Appalachian Folk Band, 1998-2000.
  • Silly Sauce, starred in independent short film directed by Marcel Dejure 1999
  • Cards With Cards - starred and wrote independent short film, 1999.
  • Angels of Light - Michael Gira project music tour 1999.
  • Centemeters Music Video by Charles Schneider, 2001.
  • CABARET Acts, 1998 - Present, at the following venues in New York City: Deep Dish,
  • Slipper Room, Shrine, Red Vixen, Blue Angel.
  • EZ Bake Coven Cabaret - (Olympia, WA), 2000.
  • Dame Darcy repeatedly appeared on several reality shows in LA from 2001-2008, including: Blind Date, Elimidate, Flavor of Love 3 etc. as a situationist form of performance art
  • San Francisco Lady Fest, 2002.
  • AYE AYE CAPTAIN - Sea shanty folk/rock band, L.A.-based, 2001-2003.
  • Cabin Fever, Sea shanty folk/rock band, L.A.-based, 2003-2004.
  • Toured with Nora Keyes in USA, Mar. 2003
  • Death By Doll Performance / Art Exhibit/ book signing in Slovenia/Romania/ Croatia at the City of Women Festival,
  • 2002.
  • Suckdog Tour - Performance/music US tour 2005.
  • Death By Doll - Lady Fest Olympia, 2005.
  • Rasputina - US music tour, 2005.
  • Death By Doll / Jane Eyre national book/music promotional US tour, 2006.
  • The Love Show - Cabaret CIA LA, 2006
  • Gasoline movie Trailer 2006
  • Gasoline graphic novel / Death By Doll CD national release promotional tour 2008
  • Naughty Nautical Nite Cabaret Hosted at the Slipper Room by Dame Darcy/ Jessica Delfino NYC 2008
  • Hand Book For Hot Witches Tour 2012
  • Tied and Tassled Cabaret Savannah 2014
  • Suckdog Tour with Lisa Carver 2016
  • Meat Cake Bible Promotional tour 2016-2017


  • "Are You Afraid to Die" (Nuff Sed Records, 1992) -- cassette with individually hand-tinted limited edition book with lyrics and illustrations
  • "Mexican Crawling Poppy Seed" 7" (Nuff Sed Records, 1993)
  • "The Devil Made Her Do It" 7" (Stick Shift Records, 1993)
  • (Dame Darcy with The Coctails) "Tardvark" 7" (High Ball Records, 1994)
  • compilation CD (Sideshow Records, 1994)
  • Kill Rock Stars (1994) -- compilation CD
  • (Dame Darcy & Dennis Driscoll) EP (Little Pad Records, 1995)
  • "Will O' Wisp Octopus" 7" (Villa VillaKula Records, 1995)
  • "When I'm Hungry I Eat" (Gormandizer Records) -- compilation CD
  • "Grouse Mountain Skyride" 7" (1996)
  • (Suckdog) Onward Suckdog Soldiers (Suckdog, 1998)
  • Isabelle the Hungriest Filly (1998)
  • (Black Strap Molasses Family) "The Elixir That'll Fix'er" (Transparency Records, 1998)
  • Rock Rock Chicken Pox (1999)
  • "My Eyes Have Seen the Glory" (CT Records, 2002)
  • "Gem In Eye" 7" (ir-ar Records U.K., 2002)
  • Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Boptart/Action Driver Records, 2004)
  • (Death By Doll) Gasoline (Emperor Penguin Recordings, 2006)
  • Horse Hospital (Infinite Chug Records, 2008)
  • (Death By Doll) Cabin Fever (Emperor Penguin Recordings, 2008)
  • (Death By Doll) ElectroRococo (February 2011)

Record cover design

  • Monster Women
  • Miss Murgatroid, record cover
  • Tango Palace, record cover
  • Kittywinder, record cover
  • Boss Hog, record cover
  • Agent Ribbons, record cover
  • Songs From An Attic, record Cover
  • Scotty Karate, record Cover
  • Phalocracy, record cover
  • Death By Doll, and all other Dame Darcy record covers

Fine Art Exhibitions

  • Solo Show Smart Clothes Gallery NYC 2012
  • Bert Green Fine Art Chicago 2012
  • Represented by Sloan Fine Art NYC 2007-2012
  • Show Pony Gallery 2007
  • Meyer Gallery Zurich Switzerland Gasoline solo exhibit 2009
  • Civilian Art Projects Washington DC Gasoline exhibit 2009
  • Claire Obscura Gallery LA Gasoline exhibit 2008
  • Bert Green Fine Art LA solo Gasoline exhibit 2008
  • Sloan Fine Art solo Gasoline exhibit 2008
  • Show Cave Gallery LA solo exhibit 2008
  • Gallery Le Le Tokyo 2007
  • Regent Gallery Group show LA 2007
  • Hyena Gallery solo show LA 2007
  • Black Chandelier Gallery LA 2007
  • Museum of Contemporary Comics NY 2007
  • Maude Carrin, LA, CA, 2007
  • Eagle Rock Museum Idaho 2006
  • Kunsthaus Museum exhibition + performance with Gelitin Bregens Austria 2006
  • Comics Art Museum NY 2006
  • Galleria Italia Italy 2006
  • Milk Gallery NY 2005
  • Copro-Nasson group show Burgamot Station Santa Monica 2005
  • Richard Heller Solo Show Burgamot Station 2005
  • Claire Obscura Gallery LA 2005
  • Bellweather Gallery, NY, NY, 2004
  • Putnam Art Center, Pelham, NY, 2004
  • City Of Women Music /Art Festival, solo show, Lubliana Slovenia, 2003
  • Comics Art Gallery SF 2003
  • Richard Heller Gallery, Solo Show, Santa Monica, CA, 2002
  • Pond Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2002
  • Press Pop Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2001
  • Doll Exhibit, curated by Marcelle DuJour, LA, CA, 2001
  • Down Town Gallery, LA, CA, 2001
  • Show Pony, Solo Show, LA, CA, 2001
  • Multimedia Events including illustrations, performance, dolls, films, animation staged in
  • galleries in Holland and Berlin, Aug. 1999
  • Artcite Gallery, Ontario, Canada, 1/99
  • B-Bar Gallery, NY, NY, 4/99
  • Animazing Gallery, NY, NY, 5/98
  • Tribes Gallery, NY, NY, 6/98
  • Jorgensen Gallery, NY, NY, 7/98
  • Cedar Tavern (Women In Animation Group Show), NY, NY, 7/98
  • Max Fish Gallery, NY, NY, 11/94, 11/95, 11/96, 11/97, 11/98
  • Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH, 10/95
  • White Columns Gallery, NY, NY, 11/95
  • Allegheny College, Meadville, PA, 1996
  • Center on Contemporary Art (COCA), Seattle, WA, 1/96, 11/99
  • Thread Waxing Space, NY, NY, 5/96
  • Round Up Gallery, NY, NY, 12/96
  • Lost Engine Gallery, Allston, MA, 11/95
  • Exit Art Gallery, 9/93, 12/95
  • CBGB Gallery, NY, NY, 7/94, 7/95, 7/96

Interior design, murals, and sign painting

  • Margaret Cho - Custom stained-glass doors depicting Meat Cake characters
  • Courtney Love - Murals for Courtney Love's home
  • The Parlour Club - West Hollywood Club interior design and sign
  • Amoeba Music Store - Window Display
  • Out Fest - Installations
  • Escape Savannah- Atmospheric murals for theme rooms in escape game.
  • Mermaid Bow spirit for 1974 Peirson 30 ft. Yacht

Further reading


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