Departments of Guatemala
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Departments of Guatemala

Guatemala is divided into 22 departments (Spanish: departamentos)[1] which are in turn divided into 340[2][3]municipalities.

In addition, Guatemala has previously claimed that all or part of the nation of Belize is a department of Guatemala (as a part of the Province of Verapaz), and this claim is sometimes reflected in maps of the region. Guatemala formally recognized Belize in 1991, but the border disputes between the two nations have not been resolved.[4][5]


Departments of Guatemala
Flag Coat of
Department Map # ISO 3166-2:GT[6] Capital Area (km2) Population
(estimate 2011)[7]
Municipalities Location
Bandera de Alta Verapaz.svg Escudo de armas de Alta Verapaz.svg Alta Verapaz 1 GT-AV Cobán 8,686 1,112,781 17 Alta Verapaz in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Baja Verapaz, Guatemala.png Coat of arms of Baja Verapaz.gif Baja Verapaz 2 GT-BV Salamá 3,124 270,521 8 Baja Verapaz in Guatemala.svg
Bandera de Chimaltenango.jpg Coat of arms of Chimaltenango Department.png Chimaltenango 3 GT-CM Chimaltenango 1,979 612,973 16 Chimaltenango in Guatemala.svg
..Chiquimula Flag(GUATEMALA).png Coat of arms of Chiquimula.png Chiquimula 4 GT-CQ Chiquimula 2,376 370,891 11 Chiquimula in Guatemala.svg
60px NA El Progreso 6 GT-PR Guastatoya 1,922 158,092 8 El Progreso in Guatemala.svg
..Escuintla Flag(GUATEMALA).png Coat of arms of Escuintla.png Escuintla 8 GT-ES Escuintla 4,384 701,016 13 Escuintla in Guatemala.svg
Bandera del Departamento Guatemala.png Coat of arms of Guatemala Department.png Guatemala 9 GT-GU Guatemala City 2,126 3,156,284 17 Guatemala in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Huehuetenango.gif Coat of arms of Huehuetango.png Huehuetenango 10 GT-HU Huehuetenango 7,403 1,143,887 31 Huehuetenango in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Izabal Department.gif Coat of Arms of Izabal Department.png Izabal 11 GT-IZ Puerto Barrios 9,038 413,399 5 Izabal in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Jalapa Department, Guatemala.svg Coat of arms of Jalapa.png Jalapa 12 GT-JA Jalapa 2,063 318,420 7 Jalapa in Guatemala.svg
Vlagjutiapa.gif Coat of arms of Jutiapa.png Jutiapa 13 GT-JU Jutiapa 3,219 436,076 17 Jutiapa in Guatemala.svg
..El Petén Flag(GUATEMALA).png Coat of arms of Peten Department.png Petén 5 GT-PE Flores 35,854 638,296 12 Peten in Guatemala.svg
Vlagquetzaltenango.gif Coat of arms of Quetzaltenango.png Quetzaltenango 14 GT-QZ Quetzaltenango 1,951 789,358 24 Quetzaltenango in Guatemala.svg
..El Quiché Flag(GUATEMALA).png Coat of arms of Quiche.png Quiché 7 GT-QC Santa Cruz del Quiché 8,378 953,027 21 El Quiche in Guatemala.svg
Vlagretalhuleu.gif NA Retalhuleu 15 GT-RE Retalhuleu 1,856 304,168 9 Retalhuleu in Guatemala.svg
Bandera de Sacatepéquez.svg Coat of arms of Sacatapequez.png Sacatepéquez 16 GT-SA Antigua Guatemala 465 316,638 16 Sacatepequez in Guatemala.svg
Vlagsanmarcos.gif Coat of arms of San Marcos Department.png San Marcos 17 GT-SM San Marcos 2,397 1,019,719 29 San Marcos in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Santa Rosa Department.GIF Coat of arms of Santa Rosa.png Santa Rosa 18 GT-SR Cuilapa 2,295 346,590 14 Santa Rosa in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Sololá Department.svg Coat of arms of Solola.png Sololá 19 GT-SO Sololá 1,061 437,145 19 Solola in Guatemala.svg
..Suchitepéquez Flag(GUATEMALA).png Coat of arms of Suchitepequez.png Suchitepéquez 20 GT-SU Mazatenango 2,510 516,467 20 Suchitepequez in Guatemala.svg
Vlagtotonicapan.gif Coat of arms of Totonicapan.png Totonicapán 21 GT-TO Totonicapán 1,061 476,369 8 Totonicapan in Guatemala.svg
Flag of Zacapa Department.GIF Coat of arms of Zacapa.png Zacapa 22 GT-ZA Zacapa 2,690 221,646 10 Zacapa in Guatemala.svg

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