Golden Globe Award For Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama
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Golden Globe Award For Best Actor %E2%80%93 Motion Picture Drama
Golden Globe for Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama
Awarded for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Drama
Location United States
Presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Currently held by Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour (2017)

The Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama was first awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as a separate category in 1951. Previously, there was a single award for "Best Actor in a Motion Picture" but the splitting allowed for recognition of it and the Best Actor - Musical or Comedy.

The formal title has varied since its inception. In 2005, it was officially called: "Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama". As of 2013, the wording is "Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama".


Winners and nominees




Year Actor Character Film
1960 Burt Lancaster Elmer Gantry Elmer Gantry +
Trevor Howard Walter Morel Sons and Lovers ?
Laurence Olivier Crassus Spartacus
Dean Stockwell Paul Morel Sons and Lovers
Spencer Tracy Henry Drummond Inherit the Wind ?
1961 Maximilian Schell Hans Rolfe Judgment at Nuremberg +
Warren Beatty Bud Stamper Splendor in the Grass
Maurice Chevalier Pannisse Fanny
Paul Newman Fast Eddie Felson The Hustler ?
Sidney Poitier Walter Lee Younger A Raisin in the Sun
1962 Gregory Peck Atticus Finch To Kill a Mockingbird +
Laurence Harvey Wilhelm Grimm/The Cobbler The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
Burt Lancaster Robert Franklin Stroud Birdman of Alcatraz ?
Jack Lemmon Joe Clay Days of Wine and Roses ?
James Mason Humbert Humbert Lolita
Paul Newman Chance Wayne Sweet Bird of Youth
Peter O'Toole T. E. Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia ?
Anthony Quinn Auda ibu Tayi Lawrence of Arabia
1963 Sidney Poitier Homer Smith Lilies of the Field +
Marlon Brando Harrison Carter MacWhite The Ugly American
Stathis Giallelis Stavros Topouzoglou America America
Rex Harrison Julius Caesar Cleopatra ?
Steve McQueen Rocky Papasano Love with the Proper Stranger
Paul Newman Hud Bannon Hud ?
Gregory Peck Captain Josiah Newman Captain Newman, M.D.
Tom Tryon Stephen Fermoyle The Cardinal
1964 Peter O'Toole King Henry II Becket ?
Richard Burton Thomas Becket Becket ?
Anthony Franciosa Juan Luis Rodriguez Rio Conchos
Fredric March President Lyman Seven Days in May
Anthony Quinn Alexis Zorba Zorba the Greek ?
1965 Omar Sharif Yuri Zhivago Doctor Zhivago §
Rex Harrison Pope Julius II The Agony and the Ecstasy
Sidney Poitier Gordon Ralfe A Patch of Blue
Rod Steiger Sol Nazerman The Pawnbroker ?
Oskar Werner Willie Schumann Ship of Fools ?
1966 Paul Scofield Sir Thomas More A Man for All Seasons +
Richard Burton George Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ?
Michael Caine Alfie Alfie ?
Steve McQueen Machinist's Mate 1st Class Jake Holman The Sand Pebbles ?
Max von Sydow Reverend Abner Hale Hawaii
1967 Rod Steiger Police Chief Bill Gillespie In the Heat of the Night +
Alan Bates Gabriel Oak Far from the Madding Crowd
Warren Beatty Clyde Barrow Bonnie and Clyde ?
Paul Newman Lucas "Luke" Jackson Cool Hand Luke ?
Sidney Poitier Detective Virgil Tibbs In the Heat of the Night
Spencer Tracy Matt Drayton Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ?
1968 Peter O'Toole King Henry II The Lion in Winter ?
Alan Arkin John Singer The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter ?
Alan Bates Yakov Bok The Fixer ?
Tony Curtis Albert DeSalvo The Boston Strangler
Cliff Robertson Charlie Gordon Charly +
1969 John Wayne Rooster Cogburn True Grit +
Alan Arkin Abraham "Popi" Rodriguez Popi
Richard Burton King Henry VIII Anne of the Thousand Days ?
Dustin Hoffman Enrico "Ratso" Rizzo Midnight Cowboy ?
Jon Voight Joe Buck


Year Actor Character Film
1970 George C. Scott George S. Patton Patton +
Melvyn Douglas Tom Garrison I Never Sang for My Father ?
James Earl Jones Jack Jefferson The Great White Hope ?
Jack Nicholson Robert Eroica Dupea Five Easy Pieces ?
Ryan O'Neal Oliver Barret IV Love Story ?
1971 Gene Hackman Detective Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle The French Connection +
Peter Finch Daniel Hirsh Sunday Bloody Sunday ?
Malcolm McDowell Alex DeLarge A Clockwork Orange
Jack Nicholson Jonathan Fuerst Carnal Knowledge
George C. Scott Dr. Herbert Bock The Hospital ?
1972 Marlon Brando Vito Corleone The Godfather +
Michael Caine Milo Tindle Sleuth ?
Laurence Olivier Andrew Wyke ?
Al Pacino
(nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor)
Michael Corleone The Godfather ?
Jon Voight Ed Deliverance
1973 Al Pacino Frank Serpico Serpico ?
Robert Blake John Wintergreen Electra Glide in Blue
Jack Lemmon Harry Stoner Save the Tiger +
Steve McQueen Henri "Papillon" Charrière Papillon
Jack Nicholson Signalman 1st Class Billy L. "Badass" Buddusky The Last Detail ?
1974 Jack Nicholson J. J. "Jake" Gittes Chinatown ?
James Caan Axel Freed The Gambler
Gene Hackman Harry Caul The Conversation
Dustin Hoffman Lenny Bruce Lenny ?
Al Pacino Michael Corleone The Godfather Part II ?
1975 Jack Nicholson Randle Patrick "Mac" McMurphy One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest +
Gene Hackman Detective Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle French Connection II
Al Pacino Sonny Wortzik Dog Day Afternoon ?
Maximilian Schell Arthur Goldman The Man in the Glass Booth ?
James Whitmore Harry S. Truman Give 'em Hell, Harry! ?
1976 Peter Finch Howard Beale Network +
David Carradine Woody Guthrie Bound for Glory
Robert De Niro Travis Bickle Taxi Driver ?
Dustin Hoffman "Babe" Levy Marathon Man
Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa Rocky ?
1977 Richard Burton Dr. Martin Dysart Equus ?
Marcello Mastroianni Gabriele A Special Day ?
Al Pacino Bobby Deerfield Bobby Deerfield
Gregory Peck Douglas MacArthur MacArthur
Henry Winkler Jack Dunne Heroes
1978 Jon Voight Luke Martin Coming Home +
Brad Davis Billy Hayes Midnight Express
Robert De Niro Michael Vronsky The Deer Hunter ?
Anthony Hopkins Corky Withers / "Fats" Magic
Gregory Peck Dr. Josef Mengele The Boys from Brazil
1979 Dustin Hoffman Ted Kramer Kramer vs. Kramer +
Jack Lemmon Jack Godell The China Syndrome ?
Al Pacino Arthur Kirkland ...And Justice for All ?
Jon Voight Billy Flynn The Champ
James Woods Gregory Powell The Onion Field


Year Actor Character Film
1980 Robert De Niro Jake LaMotta Raging Bull +
John Hurt John Merrick The Elephant Man ?
Jack Lemmon Scottie Templeton Tribute ?
Peter O'Toole Eli Cross The Stunt Man ?
Donald Sutherland Calvin Jarrett Ordinary People
1981 Henry Fonda Norman Thayer On Golden Pond +
Warren Beatty John Reed Reds ?
Timothy Hutton Brian Moreland Taps
Burt Lancaster Lou Pascal Atlantic City ?
Treat Williams Daniel Ciello Prince of the City
1982 Ben Kingsley Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi +
Albert Finney George Dunlap Shoot the Moon
Richard Gere Zack Mayo An Officer and a Gentleman
Jack Lemmon Ed Horman Missing ?
Paul Newman Frank Galvin The Verdict ?
1983 Tom Courtenay Norman The Dresser ?
Robert Duvall Mac Sledge Tender Mercies +
Tom Conti Gowan McGland Reuben, Reuben ?
Richard Farnsworth Bill Miner The Grey Fox
Albert Finney Sir The Dresser ?
Al Pacino Tony Montana Scarface
Eric Roberts Paul Snider Star 80
1984 F. Murray Abraham Antonio Salieri Amadeus +
Jeff Bridges Starman ("Scott Hayden") Starman ?
Albert Finney Geoffrey Firmin Under the Volcano ?
Tom Hulce Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Amadeus ?
Sam Waterston Sydney Schanberg The Killing Fields
1985 Jon Voight Oscar Manheim Runaway Train ?
Harrison Ford John Book Witness ?
Gene Hackman Harry MacKenzie Twice in a Lifetime
William Hurt Luis Molina Kiss of the Spider Woman +
Raúl Juliá Valentin Arregui Kiss of the Spider Woman
1986 Bob Hoskins George Mona Lisa ?
Harrison Ford Allie Fox The Mosquito Coast
Dexter Gordon Dale Turner Round Midnight ?
William Hurt James Leeds Children of a Lesser God ?
Jeremy Irons Father Gabriel The Mission
Paul Newman Fast Eddie Felson The Color of Money +
1987 Michael Douglas Gordon Gekko Wall Street +
John Lone Puyi The Last Emperor
Jack Nicholson Francis Phelan Ironweed ?
Nick Nolte Lee Umstetter Weeds
Denzel Washington
(nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor)
Steve Biko Cry Freedom ?
1988 Dustin Hoffman Raymond Babbitt Rain Man +
Gene Hackman Rupert Anderson Mississippi Burning ?
Tom Hulce Dominick Luciano Dominick and Eugene
Edward James Olmos Jaime Escalante Stand and Deliver ?
Forest Whitaker Charlie Parker Bird
1989 Tom Cruise Ron Kovic Born on the Fourth of July ?
Daniel Day-Lewis Christy Brown My Left Foot +
Jack Lemmon Jake Tremont Dad
Al Pacino Frank Keller Sea of Love
Robin Williams John Keating Dead Poets Society ?


Year Actor Character Film
1990 Jeremy Irons Claus von Bülow Reversal of Fortune +
Kevin Costner Lt. John J. Dunbar / Dances with Wolves Dances with Wolves ?
Richard Harris Bull McCabe The Field ?
Al Pacino Michael Corleone The Godfather Part III
Robin Williams Dr. Malcolm Sayer Awakenings
1991 Nick Nolte Tom Wingo The Prince of Tides ?
Warren Beatty Bugsy Siegel Bugsy ?
Kevin Costner Jim Garrison JFK
Robert De Niro Max Cady Cape Fear ?
Anthony Hopkins Dr. Hannibal Lecter The Silence of the Lambs +
1992 Al Pacino Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Scent of a Woman +
Tom Cruise Lt. Daniel Kaffee, USN, JAG Corps A Few Good Men
Robert Downey Jr. Charlie Chaplin Chaplin ?
Jack Nicholson Jimmy Hoffa Hoffa
Denzel Washington Malcolm X Malcolm X ?
1993 Tom Hanks Andrew Beckett Philadelphia +
Daniel Day-Lewis Gerry Conlon In the Name of the Father ?
Harrison Ford Dr. Richard Kimble The Fugitive
Anthony Hopkins James Stevens The Remains of the Day ?
Liam Neeson Oskar Schindler Schindler's List ?
1994 Tom Hanks Forrest Gump Forrest Gump +
Morgan Freeman Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding The Shawshank Redemption ?
Paul Newman Donald "Sully" Sullivan Nobody's Fool ?
Brad Pitt Tristan Ludlow Legends of the Fall
John Travolta Vincent Vega Pulp Fiction ?
1995 Nicolas Cage Ben Sanderson Leaving Las Vegas +
Richard Dreyfuss Glenn Holland Mr. Holland's Opus ?
Anthony Hopkins Richard Nixon Nixon ?
Ian McKellen King Richard III Richard III
Sean Penn Matthew Poncelet Dead Man Walking ?
1996 Geoffrey Rush David Helfgott Shine +
Ralph Fiennes László de Almásy The English Patient ?
Mel Gibson Tom Mullen Ransom
Woody Harrelson Larry Flynt The People vs. Larry Flynt ?
Liam Neeson Michael Collins Michael Collins
1997 Peter Fonda Ulee Jackson Ulee's Gold ?
Matt Damon Will Hunting Good Will Hunting ?
Daniel Day-Lewis Danny Flynn The Boxer
Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson Titanic
Djimon Hounsou Joseph Cinqué Amistad
1998 Jim Carrey Truman Burbank The Truman Show §
Stephen Fry Oscar Wilde Wilde
Tom Hanks Captain John H. Miller Saving Private Ryan ?
Ian McKellen James Whale Gods and Monsters ?
Nick Nolte Wade Whitehouse Affliction ?
1999 Denzel Washington ? Rubin "Hurricane" Carter The Hurricane ?
Russell Crowe Jeffrey Wigand The Insider ?
Matt Damon Tom Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley
Richard Farnsworth Alvin Straight The Straight Story ?
Kevin Spacey Lester Burnham American Beauty +


Year Actor Character Film
2000[1] Tom Hanks Chuck Noland Cast Away ?
Javier Bardem Reinaldo Arenas Before Night Falls ?
Russell Crowe Maximus Decimus Meridius Gladiator +
Michael Douglas Grady Tripp Wonder Boys
Geoffrey Rush Marquis de Sade Quills ?
2001 Russell Crowe John Nash A Beautiful Mind ?
Will Smith Muhammad Ali Ali ?
Kevin Spacey Quoyle The Shipping News
Billy Bob Thornton Ed Crane The Man Who Wasn't There
Denzel Washington Detective Alonzo Harris Training Day +
2002 Jack Nicholson Warren R. Schmidt About Schmidt ?
Adrien Brody W?adys?aw Szpilman The Pianist +
Michael Caine Thomas Fowler The Quiet American ?
Daniel Day-Lewis William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting Gangs of New York ?
Leonardo DiCaprio Frank Abagnale, Jr. Catch Me If You Can
2003 Sean Penn Jimmy Markum Mystic River +
Russell Crowe Captain Jack Aubrey Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Tom Cruise Captain Nathan Algren The Last Samurai
Ben Kingsley Massoud Behrani House of Sand and Fog ?
Jude Law W. P. Inman Cold Mountain ?
2004 Leonardo DiCaprio Howard Hughes The Aviator ?
Javier Bardem Ramón Sampedro The Sea Inside
Don Cheadle Paul Rusesabagina Hotel Rwanda ?
Johnny Depp J. M. Barrie Finding Neverland ?
Liam Neeson Alfred Kinsey Kinsey
2005 Philip Seymour Hoffman Truman Capote Capote +
Russell Crowe James J. Braddock Cinderella Man
Terrence Howard DJay Hustle & Flow ?
Heath Ledger Ennis Del Mar Brokeback Mountain ?
David Strathairn Edward R. Murrow Good Night, and Good Luck ?
2006 Forest Whitaker Idi Amin The Last King of Scotland +
Leonardo DiCaprio Danny Archer Blood Diamond ?
Leonardo DiCaprio William "Billy" Costigan, Jr. The Departed
Peter O'Toole Maurice Russell Venus ?
Will Smith Chris Gardner The Pursuit of Happyness ?
2007 Daniel Day-Lewis Daniel Plainview There Will Be Blood +
George Clooney Michael Clayton Michael Clayton ?
James McAvoy Robbie Turner Atonement
Viggo Mortensen Nikolai Luzhin Eastern Promises ?
Denzel Washington Frank Lucas American Gangster
2008 Mickey Rourke Randy "The Ram" Robinson The Wrestler ?
Leonardo DiCaprio Frank Wheeler Revolutionary Road
Frank Langella Richard Nixon Frost/Nixon ?
Sean Penn Harvey Milk Milk +
Brad Pitt Benjamin Button The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ?
2009 Jeff Bridges Otis "Bad" Blake Crazy Heart +
George Clooney Ryan Bingham Up in the Air ?
Colin Firth George Falconer A Single Man ?
Morgan Freeman Nelson Mandela Invictus ?
Tobey Maguire Captain Sam Cahill Brothers


Year Actor Character Film
2010 Colin Firth King George VI The King's Speech +
Jesse Eisenberg Mark Zuckerberg The Social Network ?
James Franco Aron Ralston 127 Hours ?
Ryan Gosling Dean Pereira Blue Valentine
Mark Wahlberg Micky Ward The Fighter
2011 George Clooney Matt King The Descendants ?
Leonardo DiCaprio J. Edgar Hoover J. Edgar
Michael Fassbender Brandon Sullivan Shame
Ryan Gosling Stephen Meyers The Ides of March
Brad Pitt Billy Beane Moneyball ?
2012 Daniel Day-Lewis Abraham Lincoln Lincoln +
Richard Gere Robert Miller Arbitrage
John Hawkes Mark O'Brien The Sessions
Joaquin Phoenix Freddie Quell The Master ?
Denzel Washington William "Whip" Whitaker, Sr. Flight ?
2013 Matthew McConaughey Ron Woodroof Dallas Buyers Club +
Chiwetel Ejiofor Solomon Northup 12 Years a Slave ?
Idris Elba Nelson Mandela Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Tom Hanks Captain Richard Phillips Captain Phillips
Robert Redford Our Man All Is Lost
2014 Eddie Redmayne Stephen Hawking The Theory of Everything +
Steve Carell John Eleuthère du Pont Foxcatcher ?
Benedict Cumberbatch Alan Turing The Imitation Game ?
Jake Gyllenhaal Louis "Lou" Bloom Nightcrawler
David Oyelowo Martin Luther King Jr. Selma
2015 Leonardo DiCaprio Hugh Glass The Revenant +
Bryan Cranston Dalton Trumbo Trumbo ?
Michael Fassbender Steve Jobs Steve Jobs ?
Eddie Redmayne Lili Elbe The Danish Girl ?
Will Smith Dr. Bennet Omalu Concussion
2016 Casey Affleck Lee Chandler Manchester by the Sea +
Joel Edgerton Richard Loving Loving
Andrew Garfield Desmond T. Doss Hacksaw Ridge ?
Viggo Mortensen Ben Cash Captain Fantastic ?
Denzel Washington Troy Maxson Fences ?
2017 Gary Oldman Winston Churchill Darkest Hour ?
Timothée Chalamet Elio Perlman Call Me by Your Name ?
Daniel Day-Lewis Reynolds Woodcock Phantom Thread ?
Tom Hanks Ben Bradlee The Post
Denzel Washington Roman J. Israel Roman J. Israel, Esq. ?

Multiple nominations

Multiple winners

3 wins
  • Tom Hanks (2 consecutive)
  • Jack Nicholson (2 consecutive)
2 wins
  • Marlon Brando
  • Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Peter O'Toole
  • Al Pacino
  • Gregory Peck
  • Jon Voight

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