Integrated Technology Processes

Integrated technology processes (ITP) include all the requirements, know-how, means necessary for the design office, manufacturing, quality control to define and produce an elementary part or an assembly within a known supply chain.

Technology processes are end-to-end processes

Technology processes (i.e. "techno processes") are end-to-end processes aligned with a specific manufacturing or assembly technology.

E.g. Techno Processes are used for technologies such as :

The "end-to-end" appellation means techno processes address all the activities from design to manufacture and assemble of an elementary part or an assembly.

Several techno processes are most of the time required to build product.


Integrated technology processes are used in the aerospace industry to improve efficiency during conception and development phases, by enhancing process automation, information concurrency and avoiding data recopy.

Concurrent engineering is considered as an accelerator of efficiency and quality on the whole development process.

Beside the concurrent use of the geometrical models (DMU), the Integration of Techno Processes is necessary.

Integration of techno processes (i.e. "integrated techno processes") corresponds to the optimization of all the requirements (processes), know-how (skill rules, methods), means (organization, IS tools) necessary for the design office, manufacturing and quality control.




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