Interstate 70 in Missouri
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Interstate 70 in Missouri

Interstate 70 marker

Interstate 70
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length 250.063 mi[1] (402.437 km)
Existed 1956 - present
Major junctions
West end / / / at Kansas state line
East end at Illinois state line
Highway system

In the U.S. state of Missouri, Interstate 70 (I-70) is generally parallel to the Missouri River. This section of the transcontinental Interstate begins at the Kansas state line on the Lewis and Clark Viaduct, concurrent with U.S. Routes 24, 40, and 169, and the east end is on the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge in St. Louis.

Route description

Kansas City

I-70 Missouri-1.svg

While passing through Kansas City, I-70 is known as the "George Brett Super Highway", named after the former third baseman of the Kansas City Royals who is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Truman Sports Complex, which houses the Royals' and Chiefs' stadiums, is located along I-70 at I-435.

Beginning on the Lewis and Clark Viaduct, I-70 immediately encounters the Alphabet Loop, a small but complex loop of freeways with all of its exits having a number of 2 and a letter suffix that uses the entire alphabet (except I, O, and Z).[2][1]I-35 becomes concurrent with I-70 as soon as the highway gets into the Loop, and maintain the concurrency until the northeastern corner of the Loop.[3] Back at the northwest corner, US 169 splits off to the north, leaving four routes concurrent with each other. There is a large interchange with Route 9 as the Loop reaches the northeastern corner.[4] When it does reach the corner, US 24 splits to the east, I-29 ends, and US 71 joins.[5]

After that, the freeway turns south, with interchanges to more roads. At the southeastern end, I-70/US 40/US 71 exit the Loop, where I-70/US 40 split off to the east and US 71 continues south. I-670 ends where I-70/US 40 usurp the alignment.[6] Soon after usurpation, I-70/US 40 turn southeast, and at exit 7A, US 40 departs from I-70.[7] Soon after that, I-70 interchanges with I-435, the beltway around Kansas City.[8]

Independence to Wentzville

I-70 in Saline County

East of I-435, I-70 continues east through Independence, passing a busy cloverleaf interchange at I-470.[9] The highway then continues with six lanes to the rapidly growing suburb of Blue Springs, where the roadway narrows to four lanes (two each direction) at Route 7.[10] I-70 remains at this width until just west of the intersection with I-64/US 40/US 61 in Wentzville, over 170 miles (270 km) away.

East of Blue Springs, I-70 takes on a rural highway as it leaves Jackson County. The highway remains this way for the next 100 miles (160 km), going through gently rolling terrain while it meets US 65 at a cloverleaf interchange and finally crossing the Missouri River at Rocheport just west of where it reaches the mid-sized college town of Columbia in the center of the state.[11] Through Columbia, the highway is lined with restaurants and hotels and can get congested during University of Missouri sporting events. The highway leaves Columbia after an exit with St. Charles Road on the east end of town.[12] East of Columbia, I-70 has an interchange with US 54 at Kingdom City, Route 19 at New Florence, and Route 47 at Warrenton. Then, it continues through more gently rolling terrain until it reaches Wentzville, where it meets I-64/US 61. Here, US 40 departs from I-70. It then expands to three lanes each direction to St. Louis.

St. Louis

I-70 west of St. Louis; shown here is rush-hour traffic congestion. Since this photograph was taken, this section has been widened to 4 lanes in each direction.

East of Wentzville, I-70 passes through the bedroom community of Lake St. Louis, then the growing towns of O'Fallon and St. Peters, and finally the historic city of St. Charles.

It crosses over the Missouri River one last time on the Blanchette Memorial Bridge, which is actually made up of two bridges: the westbound span built in the late-1950s and refurbished in 2013 and the eastbound one completed in the late-1970s.

Traffic volume increases as I-70 enters St. Louis County, requiring more lanes. There are as many as 13 lanes at one point. The section of I-70 from Fifth Street in St. Charles to I-270 is among the busiest section of highway in the state, with AADT counts approaching 165,000 in 2005.[2]

I-270 draws much of the traffic, so I-70 continues east through Bridgeton with only six lanes. After interchanges with Route 180 (St. Charles Rock Road) and US 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard), it passes on the southern edge of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and through several bedroom communities - including Edmunson, Berkeley, Ferguson, and Jennings - and crossing I-170 in the process.

As it finally enters the city of St. Louis, motorists encounter what are signed as the "Express Lanes", known by MoDOT as the "reversible lanes".[13] Two lanes in the middle of the freeway are separated from the eastbound and westbound lanes by Jersey barriers. Due to traffic pattern changes caused by the I-64 reconstruction, the lanes travel eastbound all day. MoDOT regularly monitors traffic patterns of this stretch of I-70 and will adjust the express lane traffic patterns accordingly.[13] These lanes have no entrance or exit ramps, except at the ends. They extend approximately 8 miles (13 km) from near Union Boulevard to just north of downtown.

Just before it enters downtown St. Louis, I-70 turns to the east to cross the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, which redirects the highway's traffic away from the congested Poplar Street Bridge two miles (3.2 km) to the south. The former stretch of I-70 now continues as I-44.


Prior to 2014, I-70 traveled through downtown St. Louis near the Gateway Arch.

I-70 had been criticized for cutting off downtown St. Louis from the Mississippi River waterfront particularly at the Gateway Arch. St. Louis is considering a $90 million project to cover the highway (now I-44) by the Arch.[14]

This was not the first controversy involving I-70 and the Arch. In 1959, builders of the Poplar Street Bridge asked for the National Park Service to give 25 acres (10 ha) of the park for the bridge. The request generated enormous controversy and ultimately 2.5 acres (1.0 ha) was turned over to use for the bridge.[15]

The New Mississippi River Bridge was finished and opened to traffic on Sunday, February 9, 2014. It reroutes and redirects I-70 traffic off the congested Poplar Street Bridge. The bridge was named in honor of St. Louis Cardinals baseball legend Stan Musial.[16]


I-70 across central Missouri is one of the oldest stretches of Interstate Highway in the system, as some sections date back as far as the late 1950s.[17] As a result, the exits often have short, substandard acceleration and deceleration ramps, and the median is relatively narrow. Certain spots of both directions of traffic are separated by no more than a Jersey barrier. Also, a number of overpasses have low clearance, especially railway overpasses. Long-term plans have been identified to expand the highway to between six and eight lanes across the middle of the state.[18] Tolling the Interstate has become a possible alternative, although the public does not support this idea. According to the website, tolling would not start until all 189 miles (304 km) of I-70 is reconstructed.[]

A March 2010 study[19] of I-70 from the Kansas state line to the I-470 interchange identified several possible improvements, including expansion of the freeway from four to eight lanes, adding HOV or HOT lanes, reconstructing the Truman Road interchange and improving the curves at Jackson Avenue and Truman Road. Some novel ideas included a new alignment of I-70 as a tunnel from the southeast corner of the downtown loop to 22nd/23rd streets, covering the southern portion of the downtown loop (I-670) or making the downtown loop into a uni-directional freeway around downtown, essentially becoming a large roundabout.

Exit list

County Location mi[1] km Exit Destinations Notes
Jackson Kansas City 0.000 0.000 / / west / south - Topeka Continuation into Kansas
2A south - Wichita West end of I-35 / Downtown freeway loop concurrency
0.845 1.360 2B Beardsley Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
1.060 1.706 2C north (Arrowhead Trafficway) / Broadway Boulevard - Downtown East end of US 169 concurrency
1.303 2.097 2D Main Street / Delaware Street / Wyandotte Street Signed as "Main St." only eastbound
1.651 2.657 2E north / Oak Street Westbound access is via exit 2H
2G / / north / east - St. Joseph, Des Moines MoDOT signs this as southern terminus of I-29; east end of I-35 and US 24 concurrencies; west end of US 71 concurrency; signed as exit 2G-H eastbound
2H east to / Admiral Boulevard Westbound exit only
2.273 3.658 2J 11th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
2.668 4.294 2K Harrison Street / Troost Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
2L west (I-70 Alt.) to south - Topeka, Wichita
2M south - Joplin East end of the Bruce Watkins Drive Memorial Parkway; east end of US 71 and Downtown freeway loop concurrency; I-670 exit 2N; westbound access is via exit 3A
14th Street / Charlotte Street Eastbound entrance only
2.944 4.738 3A To / The Paseo No eastbound exit
3.389 5.454 3B Brooklyn Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
3.644 5.864 3C Prospect Avenue
4.135 6.655 4A Benton Boulevard / Truman Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
4.420 7.113 4B 18th Street
4.879 7.852 4C 23rd Street
5.447 8.766 5A 27th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
5.578 8.977 5B 31st Street Eastbound exit only
5.756 9.263 5C Jackson Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
6.493 10.449 6 Van Brunt Boulevard
7.053 11.351 7A east / 31st Street East end of US 40 overlap
7.675 12.352 7B Manchester Trafficway
8  - Wichita, Des Moines I-435 exits 63A-B; signed as exits 8A (south) & 8B (north).
9.338 15.028 9 Blue Ridge Cutoff - Truman Sports Complex Eastbound exit 9 is via exit 8B
10.848 17.458 10 Sterling Avenue Eastbound exit only; westbound exit is via exit 11
Independence 11.101-
11 (Blue Ridge Boulevard)
12.596 20.271 12 Noland Road
14.093 22.680 14 Lee's Summit Road
15 south /  - Lee's Summit, Liberty, Wichita I-470 exits 16B-C; signed as exits 15A (south/west) & 15B (north)
16.613 26.736 17 Little Blue Parkway / 39th Street
Blue Springs 18.563 29.874 18 Blue Springs, Lake Tapawingo, Fleming Park
20.392 32.818 20  - Blue Springs, Lake Lotawana
21.625 34.802 21 Adams Dairy Parkway - Blue Springs
Grain Valley 24.412 39.287 24 west / Route AA west / Route BB north - Grain Valley, Buckner West end of US 40 concurrency
Oak Grove 28.169 45.334 28 Route F south / Route H north - Levasy, Oak Grove
Lafayette Bates City 31.431 50.583 31 Route D north / Route Z south - Bates City, Napoleon
Odessa 36.665 59.007 37A Action Road - Outlet Mall Eastbound exit only; access to Shops at Odessa; attached to exit 37B
36.989 59.528 37B  - Odessa, Wellington Signed as exit 37 westbound; no eastbound entrance - eastbound entrance is via exit 38
38.252 61.561 38 Johnson Drive Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
41.173 66.262 41 Route M south / Route O north - Lexington, Mayview
45.382 73.035 45 Route E south / Route H north - Mayview, Fayetteville
Higginsville 49.387 79.481 49  - Higginsville, Warrensburg
52.839 85.036 52 Route T north - Aullville
Concordia 58.569 94.258 58  - Waverly, Concordia
Saline Emma 62.574 100.703 62 Route VV north / Route Y south - Emma
Sweet Springs 66.891 107.651 66  - Sweet Springs, Mt. Leonard
71.383 114.880 71 Route EE north / Route K south - Houstonia
74.606 120.067 74 Route YY north
78.173 125.807 78  - Sedalia, Marshall Signed as exits 78A (south) and 78B (north)
84.614 136.173 84 Route J
Cooper 89.918 144.709 89 Route K north / Route M south - Arrow Rock, Blackwater
98.000 157.716 98 north / south - Arrow Rock, Pilot Grove
Boonville 101.781 163.801 101 east / east / south (Ashley Road) - Boonville, Tipton East end of US 40 overlap
103.551 166.649 103 Route B (Main Street) - Boonville, Bunceton
Windsor Place 106.382 171.205 106 west / (Bingham Road) - Boonville, Prairie Home
111.455 179.369 111 / south - Overton, Wooldridge
Missouri River 114.714 184.614 Rocheport Interstate 70 Bridge; Cooper-Boone county line
Boone 115.505 185.887 115 Route BB north / Roby Farm Road - Rocheport
117.687 189.399 117 Route J north / Route O south - Huntsdale, Harrisburg
121.178 195.017 121 west / west / Route UU south - Fayette West end of US 40 concurrency
Columbia 124.398 200.199 124 east (Stadium Boulevard) / Route E north - Columbia
125.543 202.042 125 east / West Boulevard / Creasy Springs Road - Columbia
126.545 203.654 126 south (Providence Road) - Columbia
127.019 204.417 127 (Range Line Road) - Columbia, Moberly
128.287 206.458 128 west - Columbia Westbound left exit and eastbound entrance. No access to exit if entering from US 63
128.887 207.424 128A  - Jefferson City, Moberly Indirect access via I-70 Connector
130.984 210.798 131 St. Charles Road / Lake of the Woods Road
133.644 215.079 133 Route Z north / Range Line Road - Centralia
Callaway 137.729 221.653 137 Route DD north / Route J south - Millersburg
144.193 232.056 144 Route HH south / Route M north - Hatton
Kingdom City 147.963 238.123 148  - Auxvasse, Mexico, Fulton, Jefferson City
155.426 250.134 155 Route A north / Route Z south - Bachelor, Calwood
161.318 259.616 161 Route D south / Route YY south - Williamsburg
Montgomery 170.374 274.190 170 north / Route J south - Danville, Montgomery City
New Florence 174.975 281.595 175  - New Florence, Hermann
High Hill 179.797 289.355 179 Route F north - High Hill
Jonesburg 183.780 295.765 183 Route E north / Route Y south - Jonesburg
Warren 188.445 303.273 188 Route A north / Route B south - Truxton
Truesdale-Warrenton line 193.484 311.382 193  - Warrenton, Hawk Point
Wright City 198.962 320.198 199 Route H - Wright City
200.000 321.869 200 Route F south / Route J north - Wright City Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; other half of interchange is via exit 199
St. Charles Foristell 203.750 327.904 203 Route T south / Route W north - Foristell
Wentzville 208.231 335.115 208 Wentzville Parkway
209.412 337.016 209 Route Z south / Church Street - New Melle
210 east / east / (Avenue of the Saints) - Chesterfield, St. Louis, Wentzville, Hannibal East end of US 40 concurrency; signed as exits 210A (east/south) and 210B (north); I-64 exits 1A-B
Lake St. Louis 211.948 341.097 212 Route A north / Freymuth Road
213.950 344.319 214 Lake St. Louis Boulevard
O'Fallon 215.977 347.581 216 Bryan Road
217.759 350.449 217 Route K south / Route M north (Main Street) - O'Fallon
218.929 352.332 219 T.R. Hughes Boulevard / Belleau Creek Road
St. Peters 220.381 354.669 220 north / Salt Lick Road - Elsberry, Louisiana
222.098 357.432 222A Mid Rivers Mall Drive
222.262 357.696 222B Veterans Memorial Parkway / Suemandy Drive Eastbound exit only
224 east Route 370 exits 0A-B
225.129 362.310 225 Cave Springs Road / Harry S Truman Road
St. Charles 226.933 365.213 227 Zumbehl Road
228.277 367.376 228 east (First Capitol Drive) /  - St. Charles, Weldon Spring
229.143 368.770 229A Convention Center Boulevard / Fairgrounds Road No eastbound entrance
229.379 369.150 229B west (Fifth Street) - St. Charles
Missouri River 230.128 370.355 Blanchette Memorial Bridge; St. Charles-St. Louis county line
St. Louis Maryland Heights 231.507 372.574 231A south (Maryland Heights Expressway) Cloverleaf interchange
231B north (Earth City Expressway)
Maryland Heights-Bridgeton line 232.222-
232  - Chicago, Memphis I-270 exits 20A-B; signed as exits 232A (south) and 232B (north) westbound; Parclo interchange
Bridgeton 234.180 376.876 234 (St. Charles Rock Road)
235.096 378.350 235 (Lindbergh Boulevard) Signed as exits 235A (south) and 235B (north)
235.626 379.203 235C Route B (Natural Bridge Road) / Cypress Road - Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
Edmundson 236.729 380.978 236 Pear Tree Drive / Natural Bridge Road / Airflight Drive / Lambert International Boulevard - Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
Berkeley 237.627 382.424 237 east (Natural Bridge Road) No westbound exit
238.068 383.133 238A Lambert-St. Louis International Airport Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
238 Signed as exits 238B (south) and 238C (north); I-170 exits 7A-B.
239.783 385.893 239 Hanley Road Westbound exit is via exit 240
Cool Valley 240.393 386.875 240 Route N (Florissant Road / University Boulevard) / North Hanley Road N. Hanley Road not signed eastbound
Normandy 240.920 387.723 241A Bermuda Road
Northwoods-Norwood Court line 241.691 388.964 241B Route U (Lucas & Hunt Road)
Pine Lawn 242.774 390.707 242 Jennings Station Road
City of St. Louis 243.09 391.22 243A Goodfellow Boulevard Eastbound access via exit 242
243.345 391.626 243B north (Riverview Boulevard) Westbound exit only
244.062 392.780 243C Bircher Boulevard Eastbound exit only
244.255 393.090 244A Union Boulevard / Kingshighway
-- I-70 Express Lanes - Downtown West end of Express Lanes; eastbound exit only; westbound entrance closed in 2009
244.579 393.612 244B Kingshighway Boulevard Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; eastbound access via exit 244A
245.013 394.310 245A Shreve Avenue
245.643 395.324 245B West Florissant Avenue
246.111 396.077 246A Broadway - O'Fallon Park
246.622 396.900 246B Adelaide Avenue
247.218 397.859 247 Grand Boulevard
248.068 399.227 248A west (Salisbury Street) - McKinley Bridge
248.515 399.946 248B Branch Street Westbound exit only
248.755 400.332 248C St. Louis Avenue Eastbound exit and entrance
249.274 401.168 249A west to south - Tulsa, Memphis Former route of I-70 through Downtown St. Louis
249.335 401.266 249B Tucker Boulevard - Downtown St. Louis Signed as exit 249 westbound; no westbound entrance
249.840 402.079 292B Broadway Eastbound exit only for Express Lanes; exit number based on I-44 mileage
west East end of Express Lanes; eastbound exit only for Express Lanes
Mississippi River 250.063 402.437 Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge; Missouri-Illinois state line
east - Indianapolis Continuation into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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