Johnny Corn

Johnny Corn is an Irish-American comedian and actor best known for his stand up comedy and for Halloween 7 Bloodline.[1][2] Corn's comedy style is best known for its political satire and its unique and intellectual comedy style.[3]


Johnny Corn was born John Nalty on April 10, 1969.[2] He was born the son of historian and University Professor Dr Damon Nalty. Corn started his comedy career in the late 1980s. Originally his stage name was Pycho Cow which was later changed to Johnny Corn. He has performed internationally and is currently based out of his long time home in Campbell, California.[1] He has a background in culinary arts and studied to be a chef only to have comedy win out.[1] Johnny has also been in commercials, broadcast radio and several movies including Doctor By Heart as well as Halloween 7 Bloodline and Comedy Of The Corn.[4] He grew up in San Jose, California His stage name Johnny Corn was his childhood nickname his sisters gave him which stuck.[5]


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