Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking
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Journal of Money, Credit and Banking  
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Discipline monetary and financial economics
Language English
Edited by Robert DeYoung, Paul Evans, Pok-sang Lam, Kenneth D. West
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Publication history
Frequency 8 per year
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ISSN 0022-2879 (print)
1538-4616 (web)
LCCN 70012309
JSTOR 00222879
OCLC no. 1783384

The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking is a peer-reviewed economics journal covering monetary and financial issues in macroeconomics. It is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Ohio State University Department of Economics.


In 2004, the American Economic Review instituted a mandatory archive for the submission of data and code used in economic journal submissions to ensure the replicability and legitimacy of research. An analysis of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking's archive from 1996-2003 found that only 14 of 186 empirical articles could be replicated. Some economists have published suggestions regarding procedures to ensure the replicability of journal articles. As a result, the journal's editors amended their procedures beginning with the December 2006 issue. The amendments did not render the desired outcomes. In the December 2006 issue, only 2 of 9 empirical articles had data and code in the archive, neither of which could reproduce the published results.[1]

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