List Of DNA Nanotechnology Research Groups

This list of DNA nanotechnology research groups gives a partial overview of academic research organisations in the field of DNA nanotechnology, sorted geographically. Any sufficiently notable research group (which in general can be considered as any group having published in well regarded, high impact factor journals) should be listed here, along with a brief description of their research.

North America

Country University / Institute Group Topic
 United States New York University Seeman's Lab [1]
 United States Harvard University Shih's Lab [2]
 United States Harvard University Peng Yin's Lab [3]
 United States Caltech Winfree's Lab [4]
 United States Caltech Pierce's Lab [5]
 United States Duke University Rief's Lab [6]
 United States UT Austin Ellington's Lab [7]
 Canada McGill University Sleiman's Lab [8]
 Canada University of Montreal Vallée-Bélisle's Lab [9]


Country University / Institute Group Topic
 Japan Tokyo University Rondelez's group [10]


Country University / Institute Group Topic
 Denmark Aarhus University Center for DNA nanotechnology [11]
 France Bordeaux University CBMN [12]
 France Université Pierre et Marie Curie Estevez-Torres and Galas group [13]
 Germany Technische Universitaet Muenchen Simmel's Lab [14]
 Germany Technische Universitaet Muenchen Dietz's Lab [15]
 England Oxford University Turberfield's Lab [16]
 Italy University of Rome Tor Vergata Ricci's Lab [17]
 Sweden Karolinska Instituet Högberg's Lab [18]


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