List of Israeli Museums
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List of Israeli Museums

Below is an incomplete list of Israeli museums. Some of them are located in the East Jerusalem.

Name Location Primary display/topic Annual visitors
Israel Museum[1] Jerusalem (Givat Ram) Archaeology, art, sculpture 827,254 (2012)[2]
Yad Vashem Jerusalem (Mount Herzl) Holocaust ~1,000,000
Siebenberg House Jerusalem (Old City) Archaeology
L. A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art Jerusalem (Katamon) Islamic art, antique clocks & watches
Gush Katif Museum[3] Jerusalem (Nachlaot) History (Gush Katif)
Heichal Shlomo Jewish Heritage Museum Jerusalem (King George Street) Judaica
Menachem Begin Heritage Center[4] Jerusalem Biographical - Menachem Begin
Friends of Zion Museum[5] Jerusalem Jewish history
Beit Agnon Jerusalem (Talpiot) Biographical - Shmuel Yosef Agnon
Museum of Underground Prisoners Jerusalem (Morasha) Jewish resistance in the British Mandate
Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem Jerusalem (Givat Ram) Biblical history, archaeology
Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem (Givat Ram) Hands-on science and technology
Ticho House Jerusalem Paintings by Anna Ticho, Judaica
Tower of David Jerusalem (Old City) History of Jerusalem
Herzl museum[6] Jerusalem (Mount Herzl) Biographical - Theodor Herzl, history of Zionism
U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art[7] Jerusalem Italian Jewish art, Italian synagogue
Jerusalem Tax Museum[8] Jerusalem (Jaffa Road) Historical documents
Tel Aviv Museum of Art Tel Aviv Modern art, contemporary Israeli art 750,000 (2012)[2]
Independence Hall Tel Aviv History of Israel (independence)
Batei HaOsef Tel Aviv Israel Defense Forces
Etzel Museum Tel Aviv Irgun pre-state Jewish underground
5708 Etzel Museum - Beit Gidi Tel Aviv Irgun - Operation Hametz
Herzlilienblum Museum of Banking and Tel Aviv Nostalgia[9] Tel Aviv Banking and old Tel Aviv culture
Lehi Museum - Beit Yair Tel Aviv (Florentin) Lehi
The Olympic Experience Tel Aviv (Hadar Yosef) Sports
Nachum Gutman Museum Tel Aviv (Neve Tzedek) Art by Nachum Gutman
Farkash Gallery collection Tel Aviv (Old Jaffa) Posters
Ilana Goor Museum Tel Aviv (Old Jaffa) Israeli art and culture
Jaffa Museum[10] Tel Aviv (Old Jaffa) Israeli art and culture, antiquities
Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv) Archaeology, history of Eretz Yisrael
The Museum of The Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv) A pluralistic and diverse experience of the Jewish people
Beit HaPalmach Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv) Jewish resistance during the British Mandate - Palmach
Haifa Museum Haifa Contemporary Israeli art
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art Haifa Japanese art
Israel Railway Museum Haifa Transportation - railways
Israeli Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum Haifa Israel Defense Forces - Sea Corps
Israeli National Maritime Museum Haifa Maritime history
Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space Haifa Science and technology, hands-on exhibits
Moshe Shteklis Museum of Prehistory Haifa History - prehistory
Hecht Museum Haifa Archaeology, Art
Mane-Katz Museum Haifa Art
Arad Bible Museum Arad Archaeology
Arad Doll Museum Arad Comedia del arte figures, handcrafted dolls[11]
Arad Glass Museum Arad Glass sculpture
Arad Museum of Art Arad Art
Beit HaGdudim Avihayil Jewish Legion
Ashdod Museum of Art Ashdod Art
Karin Maman Museum Ashdod Archaeology
Negev Museum of Art Beersheba Art
Biblical Museum of Natural History Beit Shemesh Hands-on animals, Torah, history and science
Ralli Museum Caesarea Art
Ein Harod Museum of Art Ein Harod Art
Janco Dada Museum Ein Hod Israeli art
Israeli Air Force Museum Hatzerim Airbase Israel Defense Forces - Air Force
Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art[12] Herzliya Contemporary Israeli art
Holon Children's Museum Holon Children; visually impaired; hearing impaired
Design Museum Holon Holon Design
Egged Historical Vehicle Museum Holon Transportation - buses
Yad La-Shiryon Latrun Israel Defense Forces - Armor Corps
Mini Israel Latrun Miniature park, architecture
Ghetto Fighters' House Lohamei HaGeta'ot Holocaust and Jewish Resistance
Museum of Prehistory of the Hulah Valley Ma'ayan Barukh Archaeology
Masada Museum Masada History of Masada
International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Netanya Sports
Petah Tikva Museum of Art Petah Tikva Art
Museum of Israeli Art Ramat Gan Art (israeli)
Museum of Russian Art Ramat Gan Art (Russian)
Yehiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art Ramat Gan Art (Far Eastern)
The Arab Museum of Contemporary Art [13] Sakhnin Art (Contemporary Arab, Israeli and Mediterranean Art)
Museum for Archaeology and Knowledge of Israel Sasa Archaeology
Qassam Museum Sderot Qassam rockets
German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum Tefen Tefen Industrial Zone Jewish history
Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery[14][15] Umm al-Fahm Art (Arab)
Beit HaTotchan Zikhron Ya'akov Israel Defense Forces - Artillery Corps


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