List of Whaling Walls
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List of Whaling Walls

This is a list of Whaling Walls, which are large outdoor murals by the artist Robert Wyland, featuring images of life-size gray whales, breaching humpback whales, blue whales, and other sea life. Whaling Walls (a pun on the Wailing Wall) are created by invitation of the communities, institutions, and building owners of the structures on which they are painted. The one hundredth and final Whaling Wall was painted in Beijing in 2008.[1]

WW index[2] Name Location Dedicated Comments
01 Gray Whale and Calf 509 Pacific Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, California July 9, 1981 Repainted 1986, Tiled 1996
02 Young Gray Whale Ocean Institute, San Clemente, California March 20, 1982 Relocated to Concordia Elementary School, San Clemente. Inside multi-purpose room.
03 Spyhopping Marineland of the Pacific, Rancho Palos Verdes, California June 27, 1984 EXTINCT[3]
04 The Gray Whale Family 15248 Russell Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada September 26, 1984 Recently restored; will remain as a façade following demolition of the original building.
05 The Orcas of Puget Sound Seattle, Washington November 10, 1985 EXTINCT[3]
06 Hawaiian Humpbacks repainted at 3049 Ualena Street, Honolulu, Hawaii April 21, 1985 Original wall is EXTINCT.[3] A recreation was done at the Pacific Airport Center opposite WW85
07 California Gray Whales Del Mar, California July 6, 1985 EXTINCT[3]
08 Orcas 1170 Melville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada September 10, 1985 Mostly covered by new constructions. Whales no longer visible
09 First Voyage Polynesian Cultural Center Oahu, Hawaii February 4, 1986 EXTINCT,[3] torn down during Gateway kitchen renovations
10 Manatees Orlando International Airport Orlando, Florida 1986 Terminal A. Prior to security gates.
11 First Born Renaissance Orlando Resort 6677 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida September 26, 1986 Moved from SeaWorld. In hotel lobby.
12 Laguna Coast 2171 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, California February 2, 1987 Tiled 1996.
13 A-5 Pod 1250 Wharf Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada June 20, 1987
14 Sperm Whales Funabashi, Japan October 14, 1987
15 Dolphins of Makapuu Point Sealife Park, Oahu, Hawaii 1988
16 Orcas off Point Loma San Diego, California June 29, 1989 In the Wave House at Belmont Park. The Plunge Pool is under construction and not accessible to the public as of June 2015.
17 Bottlenose Dolphins Stored in Osaka, Japan August 27, 1989 done for a 24-hour televised telethon in Tokyo, Japan
18 Sperm Whales of the Mediterranean Nice, France October 1989
19 Forbidden Reef San Diego, California July 9, 1990 EXTINCT[3]
20 Gray Whale Migration San Diego, California July 9, 1990 EXTINCT[3]
21 Washington Orcas 928 A Street, Tacoma, Washington July 1990
22 Orca Heaven Yamagata, Japan 1990 A ceiling mural.
23 Bundaberg Humpback Family Bundaberg, Australia September 28, 1990
24 Humpback and Calf Sydney, Australia September 28, 1990
25 Humpbacks Lamphere High School, Madison Heights, Michigan October 8, 1990
26 Sperm Whales & Florida Keys Reef Marathon, Florida October 30, 1990 EXTINCT[3] repainted as Whaling Wall 87
27 Minke Whales 5550 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, Florida October 30, 1990 In the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center
28 A Time for Conservation 4-831 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii January 8, 1991
29 Humpbacks off the Pali Coast 4-831 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii January 8, 1991
30 Maui Humpback Breaching Lahaina, Hawaii January 21, 1991 EXTINCT[3]
31 Gray Whale Migration Redondo Beach, California June 24, 1991
32 Whales Taiji, Japan August 1991
33 Planet Ocean Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California July 9, 1992 Was the largest mural in the world at that time
34 Ocean Biosphere Oracle, Arizona April 18, 1993 EXTINCT[3]
35 Orcas of the Oregon Coast Portland, Oregon May 9, 1993 EXTINCT[3]
36 Whales off the Coast of Maine Portland, Maine June 7, 1993
37 Isle of Shoals Humpbacks Portsmouth, New Hampshire June 14, 1993 Wall deteriorating, paint peeling. Robert Bendetson of Cabot House Furniture refuses to allow restoration.[4]
38 Stellwagen Bank 33 Traveler Street, Boston, Massachusetts June 21, 1993 EXTINCT / Repainted in 1999 with a Killer Whale Scene by Ron Deziel of Woonsocket, RI. Mural was temporarily covered for several years by a large Apple iPod banner. iPod banner removed as of November 10, 2009.
39 Finback Whales Providence, Rhode Island June 28, 1993 EXTINCT[3]
40 Inner City Whales Port Authority Bus Terminal 41 Street Underpass, New York City July 5, 1993
41 The Great Sperm Whales Eugene O'Neill Dr. & State Street, New London, Connecticut July 12, 1993 Repainted 2006 by David Bishop of Mystic, CT,(WCRC)and any damage repaired each year by Whaling City Restoration Committee. #41 is complete as originally painted in 1993. Photos at
42 East Coast Humpbacks 2400 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 19, 1993 EXTINCT[3] Torn down for renovations to Aramark Headquarters building.[5]
43 Humpbacks off the Jersey Coast 3800 Boardwalk Mall Wildwood, New Jersey July 26, 1993
44 Delaware Marine Mammals 117 Market St., Wilmington, Delaware August 2, 1993
45 Dolphins-Small Tooth Whales 3000 Connecticut Ave. N.W, Washington, D.C. August 9, 1993
46 Extinct Atlantic Gray Whales 600 W. Hamburg St., Baltimore, Maryland August 16, 1993 Repainted in 2014 by Shawn James and Charles Lawrance of Mural Masters, Inc. of Baltimore, MD.
47 Humpbacks off the Virginia Coast 999 Waterside Drive, Norfolk, Virginia August 23, 1993
48 Coastal Dolphins Wilmington, North Carolina August 30, 1993
49 Right Whales off the South Carolina Coast 2101 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina September 6, 1993
50 Atlanta's Right Whales 90 Central Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia September 16, 1993 EXTINCT[3] Paint removed pursuant to building renovation[6]
51 Florida's Dolphins 1600 W. Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, Florida September 20, 1993 Mote Marine Lab (near but not at aquarium)
52 Florida's Living Reef 201 William Street, Key West, Florida September 27, 1993
53 Orcas off the Gulf of Mexico South Padre Island, Texas March 14, 1994
54 Alaska's Marine Life 406 W. 5th Ave., Anchorage, Alaska August 8, 1994
55 Orcas A-30 Subpod Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada August 15, 1994 Intentionally EXTINCT .

Completely Painted over on June 20, 2017. Painted nasty blue. Reports of the aquarium designer didn't like it and thought it didn't fit in the new west coast theme. The wall proves that killer whales don't belong in the west coast..

56 Vancouver Island Orcas 1390 Granville, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada August 15, 1994 Restored for the Vancouver Olympics. EXTINCT after building demolishion.
57 Leap of Faith Seattle, Washington August 22, 1994 EXTINCT[3] in 2011
58 Orcas off the San Juan Islands Seattle, Washington August 22, 1994 EXTINCT[3] in 2011
59 Gray Whales off Oregon Coast Newport, Oregon August 29, 1994
60 Spyhopping Gray Whale San Francisco, California September 5, 1994 Across from Pier 39
61 Grays off the San Francisco Coast San Francisco, California September 5, 1994 Between Pier 39 and Aquarium
62 Celebrating Gray Whales Hollywood, California September 12, 1994 EXTINCT[3]
63 Life Size Blue Whales Hollywood, California September 12, 1994
64 San Diego Migration San Diego, California September 19, 1994 Visible only from an adjacent apartment building, on their pool deck.
65 Friendly Grays of San Ignacio Mexico City, Mexico September 26, 1994 EXTINCT[3]
66 Free Keiko Mexico City, Mexico September 26, 1994 EXTINCT[3] part of an agreement to free Keiko (Free Willy)
67 Earth Day Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii April 22, 1995
68 Pacific Realm Laguna Beach, California November 6, 1996 Ceiling
69 The Blues Whales New Orleans, Louisiana May 3, 1997
70 Heavenly Waters Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 1, 1997
71 Our Ocean Family Apple Valley, Minnesota September 8, 1997
72 Whale Commuters Milwaukee County Courthouse Annex, over northbound lanes of I-43, Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 15, 1997 Mural demolished May 3, 2006 during removal of Courthouse Annex and Marquette Interchange reconstruction; small portions of mural with adult & baby dolphin and "Wyland" signature installed at northern portal of the Kilbourn Tunnel at I-43 Northbound in February 2007
73 The Windy Whales Chicago, Illinois September 22, 1997 New construction has covered all but a sliver of wall. Signature still visible but not much else.
74 Orcas Passage Indianapolis, Indiana September 29, 1997
75 Song of the Whales Cleveland, Ohio October 6, 1997
76 Whale Tower Broderick Tower, Detroit, Michigan October 13, 1997 Still intact. Was covered by lighted advertising during the 2006 World Series and infrequently afterward, but was eventually re-exposed to public view. The mural will not be maintained by the newly renovated Broderick Tower apartments and will fade naturally.[7]
77 Eye of the Whale Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada October 21, 1997 EXTINCT[3]
78 Florida's Marine Life Macy's Department Store, 22 East Flagler St., Miami, Florida May 4, 1998 On SE 1st Street side of building
79 Santa Monica's Marine Life Santa Monica, California August 25, 1998 EXTINCT[3] as of Jan-2012
80 World of Ocean Life 2275 S 300 W Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 September 7, 1998
81 Atlantic Humpback Whales Niagara Falls, New York September 29, 1998
82 Ocean Life 505 N. Akard Street, Dallas, Texas April 16, 1999
83 Race to Save the Ocean San Diego, California June 12, 1999 Two sides of the racing hull painted on the yacht Abracadabra competed in the 2000 America's Cup Race in Hawaii. Abracadabra currently at Maritime Museum of San Diego.
84 New Zealand Marine Life New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Auckland, New Zealand October 15, 1999 EXTINCT[3][8]
85 New Millennium Pacifica Airport Center, 3049 Ualena Street, Honolulu, Hawaii December 15, 1999 Re-creation of Whaling Wall 6
86 Manatee Sanctuary 4150 South Suncoast Blvd, Homosassa Springs, Florida October 23, 2000 Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park Visitor Center building
87 Florida's Radiant Reef 5551 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, Florida March 9, 2001 Painted over WW 26
88 Marine Life of the Gulf 690 Regatta Bay Drive, Destin, Florida October 17, 2001
89 Humpback Realm NAVY Exchange, 4725 Bougainville Drive, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii December 2002
90 Palau's Blue Corner International Airport, Palau February 2003 Companion mural at the Etpison Museum
91 Guam's Ocean Life Guam International Airport, Hagatna, Guam February 19, 2004
92 Baja Tranquility La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico August 8, 2005
93 Great Whales of New Bedford New Bedford, Massachusetts October 20, 2005
94 Ride the Tide Del Mar, California June 24, 2006
95 Keys to the Seas Scuba-Fun, 99222 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, Florida February 12, 2007
96 Riches of the Ocean Pago Pago, American Samoa April 12, 2008
97 Sea of Life Plymouth, Devon May 10, 2008 National Marine Aquarium
98 Celebrating the Reef Santos, Brazil May 17, 2008 Santos Municipal Aquarium
99 Water for Life North Lauderdale, Florida June 14, 2008 McNab Road
100 Hands Across the Oceans Beijing, China June 14, 2008 2008 Beijing (Green) Olympics; Panels presented in Washington DC, September 30, 2008; in storage


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