List Of Castles In Germany

This is a list of Castles and other such fortifications and palaces or country homes in Germany. Thus included are Germany's various Castles (German: Burg, Schloss), Forts (German: Festung), Palaces (German: Schloss, Palais, Palast), country or stately homes and manors, and even follies.


Germany is home to thousands of castles, which makes it difficult to display here. Thus, a full list will not be provided here. Instead this list will be comprised thus:

This list is broken down via the 16 Bundesländer, with boxes for each one of the 16 boxes for those 16 states. Included in those boxes ares links to its English Wikipedia article, state flag and coat of arms, that state's list of castles, and an example of a noteworthy structure meeting the criteria of this list with link to its English Wikipedia page.

Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg Baden-Württemberg Grosses Landeswappen Baden-Württemberg.png Flag of Bavaria (striped).svg Bavaria Coat of arms of Bavaria.svg Flag of Berlin.svg Berlin Coat of arms of Berlin.svg Flag of Brandenburg.svg Brandenburg Brandenburg Wappen.svg
Main article: Castles in Baden-Württemberg Main article: Castles in Bavaria Main article: Castles in Berlin Main article: Castles in Brandenburg
Flag of Bremen.svg Bremen Grosses Wappen Bremen.png Flag of Hamburg.svg Hamburg Grosses Staatswappen Hamburg.png Flag of Hesse.svg Hessen Coat of arms of Hesse.svg Flag of Lower Saxony.svg Lower Saxony Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.svg
Main article: Castles in Bremen Main article: Castles in Hamburg Main article: Castles in Hesse Main article: Castles in Lower Saxony
Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.svg Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Coat of arms of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (great).svg Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg North Rhine-Westphalia Coat of arms of North Rhine-Westfalia.svg Flag of Rhineland-Palatinate.svg Rhineland-Palatinate Coat of arms of Rhineland-Palatinate.svg Flag of Saarland.svg Saarland Wappen des Saarlands.svg
Main article: Castles in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Main article: Castles in North Rhine-Westphalia Main article: Castles in Rhineland-Palatinate Main article: Castles in Saarland
Flag of Saxony.svg Saxony Coat of arms of Saxony.svg Flag of Saxony-Anhalt.svg Saxony-Anhalt Wappen Sachsen-Anhalt.svg Flag of Schleswig-Holstein.svg Schleswig-Holstein DEU Schleswig-Holstein COA.svg Flag of Thuringia.svg Thuringia Coat of arms of Thuringia.svg
Main article: Castles in Saxony Main article: Castles in Saxony-Anhalt Main article: Castles in Schleswig-Holstein Main article: Castles in Thuringia

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