List Of Films Set Around St. Patrick's Day

This is a list of films set on or around St. Patrick's Day.


  • Between the Canals, a 2010 Irish crime film written and directed by Mark O'Connor[1]
  • The Boondock Saints, a 1999 American crime film written and directed by Troy Duffy; opening scenes are set in an Irish neighborhood of Boston on St Patrick's Day
  • State of Grace, a 1990 neo-noir crime film directed by Phil Joanou[2]


  • Flight of the Doves, a 1971 British film directed by Ralph Nelson[3]
  • The Fugitive, a film version of the original TV series, starring Harrison Ford; Dr Kimble is seen eluding the US Marshals by joining the St Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago with the dyed green river clearly visible


  • Leprechaun 2, a 1994 American comedy horror film
  • Maniac Cop, a 1988 slasher film directed by William Lustig[4]
  • Red Clover, a 2012 made-for-television horror movie directed by Drew Daywalt


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