List Of Institutions Using The Term %22institute Of Technology%22 Or %22polytechnic%22

This is a list of institutions using the term institute of technology or polytechnic. "Institute of technology" is a designation employed for a wide range of learning institutions awarding different types of degrees and operating often at variable levels of the educational system. The English term "polytechnic" appeared in the early 19th century, from the French École Polytechnique, an engineering school founded in 1794 in Paris. The French term comes from the Greek ???? (polú or polý) meaning "many" and ???????? (tekhnikós) meaning "arts".[1] While the terms "institute of technology" and "polytechnic" are synonymous, the preferred term varies from country to country.

University level

There are many university level higher learning institutions granting the highest academic degrees (including doctorate), that use the terms "institute of technology" or "polytechnic" for historic reasons:

Other higher education

There are many other types of higher education institutions (post-secondary education) which are not universities and use the terms "institute of technology" or "polytechnic":

Secondary education

There are also secondary education schools which use these words:

Polytechnics in Singapore provide industry oriented education equivalent to a junior college or sixth form college.

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