States And Territories Of The United States

United States - States List

Federal district

Washington, D.C.


Inhabited territories

Associated States

Uninhabited territories

Baker Island
Howland Island
Jarvis Island
Johnston Atoll
Kingman Reef
Midway Atoll
Navassa Island
Palmyra Atoll
Wake Island

Disputed territories

Territories claimed but not administered by the United States
Territory Acquired[19] Territorial status[37] Population[37] Area in mi2 (km2) Administered by[37] Also claimed by[37]
Bajo Nuevo Bank (Petrel Island)[19] 1869 Unincorporated, unorganized
(Disputed sovereignty)
0 56 (145.0)[38][R]  Colombia  Jamaica
Serranilla Bank[19] 1880 Unincorporated, unorganized
(Disputed sovereignty)
0 463.3 (1,200)[39][S]  Colombia  Honduras


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