Nathan's Garden
The garden in July 2017

Nathan's Garden is a botanical garden located at the intersection of Maple Street and Downing Road in Hanover, New Hampshire. This small garden tucked away in a small valley was created by the Hall family in memory of their son, Nathan.


In 1991, Nathan was killed during a swim in a quarry not far from his tributary garden, at the age of 20 years. After their son's death the Hall family decided to use a portion of their backyard to build a relaxing park for neighbors and others to enjoy. The garden, though small in square footage, is beautifully landscaped with flowers and a variety of plant types. It is equipped with a small pond from which to make a wish and even lily pads.


Hidden halfway up a hill in the garden is a gazebo large enough to comfortably seat five underneath the hanging wind chimes. A journal was placed in that gazebo, and many of the visitors throughout the years have left a note for others to enjoy. The guardians of the garden provide suntan lotion and natural bug spray during the summer months to encourage visitors to stop by.

Coordinates: 43°42?01?N 72°17?53?W / 43.700146°N 72.297992°W / 43.700146; -72.297992

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