Odorant-binding Protein
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Odorant-binding Protein
Pheromone/general odorant-binding protein
Pfam PF01395
InterPro IPR006170
SCOP 1c3z
odorant-binding protein 2B
Symbol OBP2B
Alt. symbols hOBPIIb
Entrez 29989
HUGO 23381
OMIM 604606
RefSeq NM_014581
UniProt Q9NPH6
Other data
Locus Chr. 9 q34

Odorant-binding proteins are abundant small soluble proteins secreted in the nasal mucus of many animal species and in the sensillar lymph of chemosensory sensilla of insects.

The olfactory receptors of terrestrial animals exist in an aqueous environment, yet detect odorants that are primarily hydrophobic. The aqueous solubility of hydrophobic odorants is greatly enhanced via odorant-binding proteins, which exist in the extracellular fluid surrounding the odorant receptors.[1] This family is composed of pheromone binding proteins (PBP), which are male-specific and associate with pheromone-sensitive neurons and general-odorant-binding proteins (GOBP).

These proteins were initially identified on the basis of their ability to bind with moderate-affinity radioactively labeled odorants.[2][3]


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