Premium Segment
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Premium Segment

In marketing and advertising, premium refers to a segment of a company's brands, products, or services that carry tangible or imaginary surplus value in the upper mid- to high price range.[1][2]

The targeted customer groups can be high or average income; especially the latter can be premium-aware but on the lookout for bargains.[3]

Premium brands are designed to convey an impression of exclusiveness or rarity,[4] especially in the mass markets. Frequently, companies will invent different (sub)brands to differentiate their product lines into a premium and a general segment (e.g. Toyota with their Lexus, Prius, and Scion marques). In most ways, the premium segment can be thought of as the contrary or a complement of value brands. The success of a brand is determined by the combination of aforesaid category and the market share.[5] In that sense, the term "premium" replaces the traditional attribute "luxury" although the former can be perceived as less ostentatious.[6]

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