Siw Anita Andersen

Siw Anita Andersen (born 27 April 1966) is a Norwegian actress and comedian, from Oslo. She is probably best known to Norwegian viewers through her role as "Målfrid" in the TV sitcom "Mot i brøstet". In addition to this she has also acted in other TV-shows such as "Nissene på låven" (2001), as well as movie roles. She had her big screen debut in 1989 with the movie Showbiz, and later also had a role in Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon (1991). Andersen has also done stand-up and variety shows, and in 2002 won the Leif Juster honorary award, named after legendary Norwegian comedian Leif Juster.[1] In 2002 she was also awarded Komiprisen ("The Comedy Prize") as best female comedian.[2] She has had several roles in plays at Oslo Nye Teater.[3]


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