U.S. Route 101 in California
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U.S. Route 101 in California

U.S. Route 101 marker

U.S. Route 101
Map of California with US 101 highlighted in red
Route information
Defined by Streets and Highways Code § 401
Maintained by Caltrans
Length 808.111 mi[3] (1,300.529 km)
Portions of US 101 have been relinquished to or are otherwise maintained by local or other governments, and are not included in the length.
Existed November 11, 1926 (1926-11-11)[1][2] - present
Major junctions
South end / / in Los Angeles
North end at Oregon state line
Counties Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte
Highway system

U.S. Route 101 (US 101) in the state of California is one of the last remaining and longest U.S. Routes still active in the state, and the longest highway of any kind in California.[4] US 101 was also one of the original national routes established in 1926. Significant portions of US 101 between the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area follow El Camino Real, the historic road connecting the former Alta California's 21 missions.

Although the highway has been superseded in overall importance for transportation through the state by Interstate 5 (I-5), US 101 continues to be the major coastal north-south route that links the Greater Los Angeles Area, the Central Coast, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the North Coast (Redwood Empire). Generally referred to as "101" by residents of Northern California, in Southern California it is often called "The 101" (pronounced "the one oh one").[5] The highway has portions designated as the Santa Ana Freeway, the Hollywood Freeway, the Ventura Freeway, South Valley Freeway, and Bayshore Freeway. The Redwood Highway, the 350-mile-long (560 km) northernmost segment of the highway, begins at the Golden Gate and passes through the world's tallest and only extensive preserves of virgin, old-growth coast redwood trees.

Route description

US 101 is part of the California Freeway and Expressway System,[6] and is part of the National Highway System,[7] a network of highways that are considered essential to the country's economy, defense, and mobility by the Federal Highway Administration.[8]

Los Angeles to Ventura

US 101 northbound as it enters downtown Los Angeles

The south terminus of US 101 is in Los Angeles, about one mile (1.6 km) east of downtown Los Angeles at the East Los Angeles Interchange, also known as the "Commuters' Complex". This southernmost portion is named the Santa Ana Freeway, inheriting that title as the northerly extension of the roadway now known as I-5.

After merging with westbound traffic from the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10), US 101 then proceeds northwest via the Downtown Slot under the northern edge of Los Angeles' Civic Center to State Route 110 (SR 110) at the Four Level Interchange. From here, US 101 becomes the Hollywood Freeway. It then heads to Hollywood and up through the Cahuenga Pass before reaching the San Fernando Valley.

View northward from the Cahuenga Pass in 1972

US 101 then intersects with SR 134 and SR 170 at the interchange known as the Hollywood Split. Here, the alignment of US 101 shifts to the alignment of SR 134 (i.e. heading northbound, the road's alignment turns left, or westbound) and thereafter is referred to as the Ventura Freeway until it reaches Ventura. Though confusing, the "Hollywood Freeway" name continues northward from this interchange on SR 170, and the "Ventura Freeway" name continues eastward to SR 134.

From the Hollywood Split, US 101 is an east-west highway (until it reaches Gaviota State Park in Santa Barbara County where it shifts back to a north-south alignment). It meets with I-405 in Sherman Oaks, an interchange which holds claim to the most traveled intersection in the nation.[] The east-west geographical alignment of the Ventura Freeway and the north-south designation which appears on the freeway signs can be confusing to visitors; the same freeway entrance can often be signed as "101 North" and "101 West"; this is most common in the San Fernando Valley where the local E/W signing does not match the Caltrans' proper statewide N/S designation.

After the Conejo Grade, which is a 7% grade incline, the freeway enters the Oxnard Plain.

Upon reaching Ventura, there is an interchange with SR 126.

Central Coast

US 101 northbound approaching Gaviota Tunnel through the Santa Ynez Mountains

North of Santa Barbara, US 101 switches intermittently between freeway and expressway status (i.e. there is occasional cross-traffic), but there are no traffic signals until San Francisco. The last traffic signals along this stretch of the route were removed in 1991 when the section through downtown Santa Barbara was constructed to freeway standards after years of disagreement over the impact that the original elevated design would have on the community.[9]

From Ventura and through Santa Barbara, US 101 closely follows the Pacific coastline (generally no more than one to two miles [1.6 to 3.2 km] from the shore) until Gaviota State Park, about 23 miles (37 km) west of Goleta. At Gaviota State Park, the highway shifts back from an east-west highway to a north-south alignment. About one mile (1.6 km) north of this point, US 101 passes through the Gaviota Tunnel.

A few miles north of the Gaviota Tunnel, SR 1 splits from US 101 and heads northwest, running along the Pacific coastline parallel and to the west of US 101. US 101 passes through Buellton, Los Alamos, Orcutt, Santa Maria, and Nipomo. South of Santa Maria, US 101 widens from a four-lane highway to a six-lane freeway. SR 166 joins US 101 for about 3 miles (4.8 km) before splitting just north of the city limits, while US 101 continues as a four-lane freeway before reverting to expressway status north of Nipomo.

Farther north, SR 1 rejoins US 101 between Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo. Then US 101 takes an inland route through the Salinas Valley, while Highway 1 heads northwest, running along the Pacific coastline in California, parallel and to the west of US 101.

Traffic descending the Cuesta Grade north of San Luis Obispo

A steep segment (7% grade) between San Luis Obispo and Atascadero is known as the Cuesta Grade. North of Atascadero, the highway joins SR 46 for about three miles (4.8 km) through Paso Robles.

From Paso Robles to Salinas, US 101 is an expressway known as the Salinas River Valley Highway, since the Salinas River Valley extends from Santa Margarita to the SR 156 junction in Prunedale. US 101 resumes freeway status between San Miguel and King City, passing through the smaller towns of Camp Roberts, Bradley, and San Ardo, as well as the San Ardo Oil Field about five miles (8.0 km) south of San Ardo. Near this point, the wide agricultural bottomlands of the Salinas Valley begins. North of King City, US 101 once again switches intermittently between freeway and expressway status, passing through Greenfield, Soledad, Gonzales, and Chualar before reaching Salinas. Shortly after leaving Salinas, US 101 joins SR 156 in Prunedale for about eight miles (13 km). After crossing the San Benito County line, SR 156 splits from US 101 near San Juan Bautista while US 101 continues northward mostly as a four-lane highway until it reaches Gilroy.

US 101 sign in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area

US 101 in San Francisco between Sacramento and Clay Streets; a Muni ETI Skoda bus can be seen in the background.

US 101 crosses the Pajaro River into Santa Clara County as a four-lane highway, with an interchange at SR 25 a few miles later. Upon reaching Gilroy, it becomes the South Valley Freeway (as in South Santa Clara Valley), and at the same time, it expands to three lanes in each direction. It then enters Silicon Valley when reaching Morgan Hill, and shortly afterwards expands to four lanes in each direction, with an HOV lane in the middle, before reaching San Jose. From San Jose to San Francisco, US 101 is known as the Bayshore Freeway as it passes through Palo Alto and the other major communities along the San Francisco Peninsula.

The Golden Gate Bridge, which carries US 101 and SR 1 between San Francisco and Marin County

US 101 is called the James Lick Freeway, named for James Lick, a philanthropist, from the San Francisco county/city line, through the interchange with I-280 at the Alemany Maze, until the junction with the San Francisco Skyway (I-80) and the Central Freeway near the city's Civic Center. US 101 continues in a northwestern direction on the Central Freeway, and then leaves the freeway, on Mission Street (northbound) and South Van Ness Avenue (southbound), to run north on Van Ness Avenue. At the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Lombard Street, US 101 heads west on Lombard Street, and then on Richardson Avenue, entering The Presidio, where it becomes a divided highway again (the Presidio Parkway). It is then joined by Route 1 before approaching and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

From San Francisco north the highway is heavily traveled by commuters through to Windsor, just north of Santa Rosa. North of the Golden Gate Bridge, US 101 enters Marin County and is known as the Redwood Highway. After crossing the bridge, US 101 climbs the Waldo Grade and passes through the Robin Williams Tunnel, the only one of its kind in 300 miles (480 km) (the other being the Gaviota Tunnel in Santa Barbara County). Upon exiting the tunnel, it passes above the hillside town of Sausalito and descends to Richardson Bay, where SR 1 splits from the freeway and heads to the coast. US 101 then passes through Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Larkspur, San Rafael and Novato, before entering Sonoma County. The section between Novato in Marin County and Petaluma in Sonoma County changes from its original six or eight lanes through Marin to four lanes, creating a bottleneck, and is thus called the "Novato Narrows" by locals.[10] The Narrows continue up to North of Petaluma. The entire area between Novato and Petaluma is also the voter approved Novato-Petaluma Community Separator, which forbids most development.[11]

Upon entering Sonoma County, it continues as a four-lane highway until Petaluma, where it resumes freeway status and eventually a six-lane freeway between Petaluma and Windsor, passing through Cotati, Rohnert Park, and Santa Rosa. Upon reaching Windsor, the freeway returns to two lanes in each direction, passing through Healdsburg. It then proceeds up the Alexander Valley with the Russian River. SR 128 joins US 101 in the town of Geyserville before splitting just north of Cloverdale. US 101 then heads up a steep hill just before leaving Sonoma County and entering Mendocino County.

North Coast

US 101 follows the Russian River past Frog Woman Rock in southern Mendocino County
Historic US 101 roadside attraction in Ukiah, now bypassed by the freeway

US 101 crosses into the Mendocino County line as a freeway for one mile (1.6 km), but then narrows to an expressway through the Russian River canyon and eventually a two-lane road south of Hopland, the first time since leaving San Francisco. Just before reaching Ukiah, US 101 becomes a four-lane freeway. In the community of Calpella, SR 20 merges with US 101 for the next 15.5 miles (24.9 km) to Willits. The freeway portion ends as the combined US 101 and SR 20 ascend the 1,953-foot (595 m) Ridgewood Summit, the highest elevation along the route's 808-mile-long (1,300 km) trek through California. As 101 resumes freeway status just south of Willits, SR 20 splits from 101 shortly before 101 suddenly reverts to a 2-lane undivided freeway and eventually a highway north of Willits.

US 101 then widens to a four-lane expressway until the intersection with the western portion of SR 162, where it reverts to a two-lane road. North of Laytonville, US 101 ascends Rattlesnake summit (1,796 feet or 547 metres) before a descent to follow the South Fork Eel River and Eel River all the way to Fortuna near the mouth of the river. About 12 miles (19 km) northwest of Laytonville, US 101 becomes an undivided freeway near the community of Cummings. SR 271 is the old portion of US 101 through this area. At Leggett, US 101 meets SR 1 for the last time, and from this point until Piercy, US 101 runs along a section of highway with frequent landslides. Cal Trans bypassed the most difficult section in 2009 with unique construction of two bridges known collectively as the Confusion Hill Bridges. This project, funded by an emergency act from the State Legislature, moved the highway across the Eel River away from the troubled spots to prevent disruption in commerce and travel from infrequent, but costly, winter closures on the main transportation route to the far North Coast. North of Piercy, the freeway portion again ends and the road narrows down to two lanes, before another stretch of divided highway.

Arriving in Humboldt County, another narrow two lane portion of US 101 bisects Richardson Grove State Park. Just after the park boundary, the highway switches to a short undivided freeway and then eventually a divided freeway just before reaching Garberville. North of Garberville, US 101 reverts to an undivided freeway, which continuing north by northwest, passes through the 53,000-acre (210 km2) Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California's third largest State Park and the site of the largest remaining Redwood old growth forest in the world. A preserved portion of the original, bypassed highway route, known as the Avenue of the Giants for the huge, centuries-old redwood trees, parallels the highway for over 30 miles (48 km) in southern Humboldt County. US 101 again switches to another stretch of divided freeway near the town Pepperwood before reverting to a short, 2-mile (3 km) expressway just north of Stafford. A short freeway then runs through Rio Dell before another short, 3-mile (5 km) expressway.

Shortly before reaching the western terminus of SR 36, US 101 becomes a freeway again between Fortuna and Eureka. North of Humboldt Hill, the road enters the City of Eureka (a potential new freeway cutting through or bypass of the city was successfully blocked repeatedly). As the route traverses Eureka, the southern portion is known as "Broadway" and then as it bears east along Humboldt Bay, the Highway is aligned on a one-way couplet (4th and 5th streets). Five miles (8.0 km) later the highway leaves Eureka's northern city limit and continues north. The expressway style section between Eureka and Arcata, which is also a safety corridor, is named the "Michael J. Burns Freeway," in honor of the State Senator who was a proponent of California's Highways. The Highway becomes an unobstructed Freeway south of the center of Arcata. Proceeding north it passes the junction for SR 299 (also the western terminus for that route), in the Valley West (northernmost) part of the college town.

Parking adjacent to US 101 along the sandy bar between Freshwater Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean

The highway continues north as it skirts westerly around McKinleyville on a high bluff north of the Mad River. As the highway reaches Clam Beach (a county park), motorists get their first magnificent full view of the Pacific Ocean north of the Golden Gate. North of Trinidad, the highway narrows to one lane in each direction after crossing Big Lagoon to pass inland of Stone Lagoon and follow the coastal bar between Freshwater Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean south of Orick. After a 14-mile (23 km) freeway section through Redwood National and State Parks running inland east of the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park boundary, the highway again narrows to one lane in each direction at the Klamath River. The original placement of the highway near giant Coast Redwoods led to increased awareness of the destruction of the redwoods after decades of extensive logging, which ultimately led to the establishment of Redwood National Park in 1968. The original highway segment through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is now a scenic alternate similar to Avenue of the Giants, named Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway in honor of the fourth director of the National Park Service and executive director of the Save-the-Redwoods League

Intersection between US 101 and US 199

North of the town of Klamath just inside Del Norte County, the highway closely follows the Pacific coast again. In Crescent City, US 101 once again separates into a one-way couplet (L and M Streets) for nine blocks. As it leaves Crescent City, US 101 becomes a divided freeway for the last time in California (built slightly to the west of the original two-lane alignment, now called Parkway Drive). As the 3-mile divided freeway portion ends, US 101 intersects the southern terminus of US 199, which heads northeast as the Redwood Highway, passing through the Collier Tunnel and terminating in Grants Pass, Oregon. US 101 (no longer called the "Redwood Highway" at this point) is reduced to two lanes and continues north along the California coast until it reaches the Oregon border.


Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail

The US 101 Highway is part of the auto tour route of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, a National Park Service unit in the United States National Historic Trail and National Millennium Trail programs.[12] In 2005, Caltrans began posting signs on roads that overlap with the historic 1776 Juan Bautista de Anza trail route, so that California drivers can now follow the trail.

Historic route: Los Angeles to San Diego

Early narrow concrete pavement survives on some former alignments like this stage route near Mission San Miguel Arcángel was designated US 101 until bypassed in 1938.

Instead of terminating in Los Angeles, US 101 once continued all the way south through San Diego to the United States-Mexico border in San Ysidro. However, this part was decommissioned on July 1, 1964, in favor of I-5. The only remnant of the old route on US 101's current alignment is a mileage sign at the Santa Barbara-Ventura county line, which lists the distance to San Diego, even though US 101 ends in Los Angeles.

Oceanside-Carlsbad freeway bypass

By the early 1950s, traffic had become very heavy on US 101 through Oceanside and Carlsbad. The US 101 freeway bypass (Oceanside-Carlsbad freeway bypass) was built in 1953 and completed in 1955 by the California Department of Public Works (now Caltrans) and brought up by the San Diego Highway Development Association on a US 80/US 101 discussion on how to resolve the huge traffic loads on US 101 in Oceanside. Today it is part of I-5 and Palomar Airport Road. It follows I-5 from Coast Highway (former Hill Street exit) in Oceanside to Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad. From there the US 101 bypass went onto Palomar Airport Road to merge with US 101 Bus. on Carlsbad Boulevard. As it approached the Coast Highway/SR 76 exit on southbound I-5 in Oceanside, US 101 Bus. split off. US 101 Bus. followed the original US 101 through downtown Oceanside and Carlsbad as former Hill Street/Carlsbad Boulevard (CR S-21) while the US 101 freeway followed modern I-5 and Palomar Airport Road. The south end of the freeway bypass is Carlsbad Boulevard and Palomar Airport Road and the north end is I-5 and the Coast Highway/SR 76 exit. The south end was modified after US 101 was decommissioned between the East Los Angeles Interchange in Los Angeles and the Mexican border in San Ysidro. This freeway construction by the California Department of Public Works put US 101 on an all new highway route alignment to relieve Oceanside and Carlsbad of their very heavy bumper-to-bumper burdensome traffic problem. Also before the bypass in the 1950s, US 101 followed North Coast Highway (formerly Hill Street) from San Luis Rey Mission Expressway (SR 76 and north end of the Oceanside-Carlsbad freeway bypass) to Harbor Drive. From there it followed Harbor Drive to Vandergrift Boulevard, San Rafael Drive, and the freeway onramp for I-5 north near the Camp Pendleton north entrance guardhouse gate. It merges with the I-5 northbound onramp to shoot onto the southbound lanes of I-5 to follow the freeway lanes all the way to Las Pulgas Road in Camp Pendleton.

Historic Route In Orange County

An old orphaned alignment of US 101, that ran through the cities of Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, and San Clemente, was located in south Orange County. The old roadway, from a dead end just west of I-5 and east of the railroad tracks in Mission Viejo to Cristianitos Road in San Clemente, followed Camino Capistrano, Doheny Park Road, Coast Highway and El Camino Real. It had interchanges with I-5 and California State Route 1. It was replaced by the San Diego freeway (which US 101 became part of it in 1958) and finally replaced by I-5 in 1968.

El Camino Real: Los Angeles to San Francisco

Distinctive route markers with symbolic mission bell and shepherd's crook are seen between Los Angeles and San Jose

Significant portions of US 101 from its southern terminus to the San Francisco Bay Area is designated as the Royal Road or El Camino Real. The route roughly follows the historic trail that connected the former Alta California's 21 missions.

Before the Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937, there was regular vehicle ferry service across the Golden Gate strait, running from the Hyde Street Pier to Sausalito. Under the California Streets and Highways Code § 401, the Golden Gate Bridge is legally not part of US 101. The portion of US 101 starting from Los Angeles ends at "the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge" and then resumes at "a point in Marin County opposite San Francisco" to the Oregon state line. The bridge itself is maintained by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District instead of Caltrans.

From the 1940s to 1991, various segments of US 101 between Los Angeles and San Francisco were upgraded to either a freeway or expressway. In the Los Angeles area, the first segment of the Hollywood Freeway through the Cahuenga Pass opened in 1940, while the segment from the San Fernando Valley to Downtown Los Angeles opened in 1954.[13] The Ventura Freeway then opened in 1960.[14] The segment of the original two-lane alignment between Emma Wood State Beach north to the Mobil Pier Undercrossing near Sea Cliff, which followed the historic Rincon Sea Level Road, was the re-signed as part of SR 1.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, US 101 was originally divided. US 101W followed the same general right-of-way of today's US 101 through the region, primarily along what was originally signed as Bayshore Boulevard. US 101E then generally followed the right-of-way taken by today's I-880 from San Jose to Oakland, then across the Carquinez Bridge to follow what is now SR 37, joining US 101W. The US 101E designation was removed by the 1940s and became SR 17 (later designated as I-880 and the westernmost section I-580), running from San Jose to Oakland and then across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Meanwhile, Bayshore Boulevard was later redesignated as the US 101A bypass and then eventually upgraded to what is now the Bayshore Freeway. The first stretch that was completed between Redwood City and South San Francisco was the Bay Area's first freeway when it opened in 1947. After the entire Bayshore Freeway was completed in the early 1960s, the old alignment along the peninsula was renumbered and renamed as SR 82/El Camino Real.

Various other freeway or expressway bypasses along the California Central Coast were also built. In 1991, the last traffic signal along US 101 between Los Angeles and San Francisco was taken down in Santa Barbara.[15] The primary control city that is listed on freeway signs along northbound US 101 through the Central Coast region remains San Francisco. Although San Jose surpassed San Francisco population decades after the highway was built, there has been no push to change all the signs.

As the result of freeway revolts in San Francisco in the 1950s, a direct freeway connection through the city to the Golden Gate Bridge has never been built. The Central Freeway was completed to extend from the Bayshore Freeway to Turk Street in 1959,[16][17] before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to remove the remainder of the Central Freeway and most other proposed freeways from the city's highway plan.[18] For decades, southbound traffic on US 101 flowed on the one-way Turk Street from Van Ness Avenue to the Central Freeway, while northbound traffic used the parallel Golden Gate Avenue. After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the structure, the segment of the Central Freeway north of Market Street was replaced with the surface-level Octavia Boulevard; traffic on US 101 was then eventually re-routed to exit south of that at Mission Street/South Van Ness Avenue. With no direct freeway along US 101 through the City of San Francisco, the old US 101E/I-880/I-580 route remains as a faster bypass through the Bay Area.

In 2003, the segment of US 101 between Morgan Hill and San Jose, also known as the Sig Sanchez Freeway, expanded to eight lanes between Cochrane Road and SR 85 exits.[19] Originally, the ten-mile segment was only four lanes.[20] The improved segment was to alleviate the consistent congestion that had expanded as far south as Masten Avenue coming from Gilroy, and as far north as Bernal Road coming from San Jose.[21][22] Traffic now typically only runs slow between the Bailey Avenue and Dunne Avenue exits.

The interchange at the beginning of I-280 and I-680 was constructed years before its completion. The two bridges, with no on ramps or off ramps stood over US 101 as a 110-foot-tall (34 m) monument to inefficiency for years in the 1970s. It became the butt of many local jokes. The highlight prank occurred in January 1976, when a 1960 Chevrolet Impala was placed on the highest bridge overnight, where it obviously would be impossible to drive. The following day, San Jose City Councilman Joe Colla was photographed standing next to the car, a photo which was circulated across many newspapers.[23] It has been suggested this stunt nudged the wheels of progress to find the funds to complete the freeway. In 2010, the interchange was named the Joe Colla Interchange.[24]

Redwood Highway: Marin County to Del Norte County

Redwood Highway
Nearest city Klamath, California
Built 1900-1949
NRHP reference # 79000253[25]
Added to NRHP December 17, 1979

An abandoned segment of the Redwood Highway, US 101, located in the Redwood National and State Parks near Klamath was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.[25]

Freeway segments along the Redwood Highway portion of US 101 are not as prevalent as along the Los Angeles-San Francisco route. A notable segment of the old US 101 alignment is SR 254, also known as the Avenue of the Giants, in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The freeway bypassing this scenic route, surrounded by towering Coast Redwoods, was completed in 1960.[26] Several bridges along the segment of highway running along the Eel River were destroyed during the Christmas flood of 1964.

Construction on a freeway segment bypassing Willits began in 2013.[27] The bypass around Willits remained controversial because the intended route goes through protected wetlands. Construction was halted by US Army Corps of Engineers in June 2014 and work restarted the following month after Caltrans committed to extensive mitigation of the project.[28][29] The 5.9 mi (9.5 km) bypass around Willits opened to traffic in November 2016.[30] The bypass included a 1.1 mi (1.8 km) viaduct going over a flood plain.[31] The freeway segment cost $459 million to complete; 50% more than what Caltrans first reported when it opened.[32] The city of Eureka has long resisted a freeway through it.[]

Major intersections

Except where prefixed with a letter, postmiles were measured on the road as it was in 1964, based on the alignment that existed at the time, and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. R reflects a realignment in the route since then, M indicates a second realignment, L refers an overlap due to a correction or change, and T indicates postmiles classified as temporary (for a full list of prefixes, see the list of postmile definitions).[3] Segments that remain unconstructed or have been relinquished to local control may be omitted. The numbers reset at county lines; the start and end postmiles in each county are given in the county column.

County Location Postmile
Destinations Notes
Los Angeles
LA S0.00-38.19
Los Angeles -- south (Santa Ana Freeway south) - Santa Ana Southbound exit and northbound entrance; southern terminus of US 101
1 Euclid Avenue Southbound exit and northbound entrance
-- east (Pomona Freeway) / Soto Street - Pomona Southbound exit and northbound entrance; SR 60 west exit 1C
S0.00 1A Seventh Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Whittier Boulevard Northbound entrance only
S0.62 1A Fourth Street Signed as exit 1B southbound; no northbound entrance
S0.91 1B First Street Signed as exit 1C southbound; no southbound entrance
1C Cesar Chavez Avenue Northbound exit only
1D To east / San Bernardino Freeway east (SR 10 east) - San Bernardino No southbound entrance; left exit southbound; former western terminus of US 60 / US 70; former US 99 south; former I-110 east (1958-65)
0.10 1E Mission Road No northbound exit
0.62 2A Vignes Street Northbound exit and entrance
2A-B Alameda Street - Union Station Signed as exit 2A southbound, 2B northbound
0.82 2B Los Angeles Street No northbound exit
1.10 -- Spring Street Northbound exit only
1.10 2C Broadway Southbound exit and northbound entrance
1.40 Temple Street Southbound entrance only
1.57 3 to south (Harbor Freeway, Arroyo Seco Parkway) / Grand Avenue - Pasadena, San Pedro Grand Avenue not signed southbound; signed as exit 3B southbound; north end of Santa Ana Freeway; south end of Hollywood Freeway[36] SR 110 exit 24A
2.48 4A Glendale Boulevard, Echo Park Avenue, Union Avenue, Belmont Avenue
2.86 4B east (Alvarado Street) South end of SR 2 overlap
3.34 5A Rampart Boulevard, Benton Way
3.76 5B Silver Lake Boulevard
Hollywood 4.40 6A Vermont Avenue
4.85 6B Melrose Avenue, Normandie Avenue
5.55 7 west (Santa Monica Boulevard) / Western Avenue North end of SR 2 overlap
6.25 8A Sunset Boulevard No northbound entrance
6.52 8B Hollywood Boulevard
6.91 8C Gower Street
7.06 9A Vine Street Southbound exit only
7.46 9B Cahuenga Boulevard - Hollywood Bowl Signed as exit 9A northbound
7.84 9C Highland Avenue - Hollywood Bowl Former SR 170 south; signed as exit 9B northbound
Hollywood Hills 9.22 11A Barham Boulevard - Burbank No southbound exit
Studio City 9.60 11B Universal Studios Boulevard No southbound exit; serves Universal Studios Hollywood
10.34 12A Lankershim Boulevard - Universal City
10.56 12B Ventura Boulevard No southbound exit
11.11 12C Vineland Avenue Signed as exit 12B southbound
Moorpark Street Northbound entrance only
11.80 13 north (Hollywood Freeway north) - Sacramento Northbound left exit and southbound left entrance; US 101 north transitions onto Ventura Freeway west;[36] 170 south exit 5A
11.65 13B east (Ventura Freeway east) - Pasadena Southbound exit and northbound entrance; US 101 south transitions onto Hollywood Freeway south;[36] SR 134 west exit 1A
11.83 13A Tujunga Avenue Southbound exit and northbound entrance
12.85 14 Laurel Canyon Boulevard - Studio City
13.88 15 Coldwater Canyon Avenue
Sherman Oaks 14.89 16 Woodman Avenue
15.91 17 Van Nuys Boulevard
16.94 18 Sepulveda Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
17.17 19A (San Diego Freeway) - Santa Monica, Sacramento I-405 exit 63B
Encino 17.50 19B Haskell Avenue No southbound entrance
18.61 20 Hayvenhurst Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
19.22 21 Balboa Boulevard - Encino
20.23 22 White Oak Avenue
Tarzana 21.25 23 Reseda Boulevard
22.25 24 Tampa Avenue
Woodland Hills 23.26 25 Winnetka Avenue - Woodland Hills
24.31 26A De Soto Avenue, Serrania Avenue Signed as exit 26 southbound
24.85 26B Canoga Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
25.34 27 (Topanga Canyon Boulevard) / Ventura Boulevard Signed as exits 27A (north) and 27B (south) northbound
25.76 27C Shoup Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
26.45 28 Fallbrook Avenue Southbound exit only
26.86 28 Woodlake Avenue Northbound exit and entrance
27.36 29 Mulholland Drive, Valley Circle Boulevard
Calabasas 28.29 30 Parkway Calabasas
31.06 32 Las Virgenes Road (CR N1)- Malibu Canyon
31.92 33 Lost Hills Road
Agoura Hills 32.79 34 Liberty Canyon Road
33.69 35 Chesebro Road - Agoura Hills
35.04 36 Kanan Road (CR N9)
36.18 38 Reyes Adobe Road
Westlake Village 37.54 39 Lindero Canyon Road
VEN 0.00-R43.62
Thousand Oaks 0.70 40 south (Westlake Boulevard) South end of SR 23 overlap
1.62 41 Hampshire Road
3.02 43A Rancho Road Signed as exit 43B northbound
3.11 43B north (Moorpark Freeway) - Fillmore North end of SR 23 overlap; signed as exit 43A northbound; SR 23 south exits 12A-B
4.06 44 Moorpark Road - Thousand Oaks
5.05 45 Lynn Road
6.19 46 Ventu Park Road - Newbury Park
7.02 47A Rancho Conejo Boulevard, Borchard Road Signed as exits 47A (Rancho Conejo Boulevard) and 47B (Borchard Road) northbound
7.89 47B Wendy Drive - Newbury Park Signed as exit 47C northbound
Camarillo 10.74 50 Camarillo Springs Road - Camarillo Grove County Park
12.30 52 Santa Rosa Road, Pleasant Valley Road
13.75 53A Flynn Road, Dawson Drive
13.85 53B (Lewis Road)
14.80 54 Carmen Drive - Camarillo
15.89 55 Las Posas Road
56 Springville Drive
17.75 57 Central Avenue
Oxnard 19.17 59 Del Norte Boulevard
20.08 60 Santa Clara Avenue, Rice Avenue
21.01 61 Rose Avenue
22.01 62A (Vineyard Avenue) - Oxnard
22.73 62B Oxnard Boulevard (SR 1) South end of SR 1 overlap
63A Ventura Road Southbound exit only
Ventura R23.45 63B Johnson Drive - Montalvo Signed as exit 63 northbound
R24.65 64 Victoria Avenue - Channel Islands Harbor
25.97 65 Telephone Road Northbound entrance is via Main St
26.39 66A east (Santa Paula Freeway) - Santa Clarita Signed as exit 66 southbound; no southbound entrance; SR 126 west exit 1A
26.72 66B Main Street (US 101 Bus. north) - Ventura No southbound exit
28.45 68 Seaward Avenue
29.45 69 Vista del Mar Drive, Sanjon Road Northbound exit and southbound entrance
30.15 70A California Street, Ventura Avenue
30.91 70B north (Ojai Freeway) - Ojai
31.50 71 Main Street (US 101 Bus. south) - Ventura Southbound exit and northbound entrance
R32.70 72 north (PCH) - State Beaches North end of SR 1 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
R38.98 78 south (PCH) - Seacliff South end of SR 1 overlap
Mussel Shoals Mussel Shoals southbound access only
La Conchita Santa Barbara Avenue Northbound access only
R43.57 83 Bates Road
Ventura-Santa Barbara
county line
Northwest end of Ventura Freeway[36]
Santa Barbara
SB R0.00-90.99
Carpinteria R0.63 84 east - Ojai, Lake Casitas
1.61 85 Bailard Avenue
2.64 86A Casitas Pass Road Signed as exit 86 northbound
3.06 86B Linden Avenue Southbound exit and northbound entrance
3.77 87A Reynolds Avenue, Santa Monica Road Signed as exit 87 northbound
4.34 87B Carpinteria Avenue Southbound exit only
R5.28 88 Padaro Lane, Santa Claus Lane
R7.14 90 Padaro Lane - Summerland
R8.26 91 Evans Avenue - Summerland
Montecito 9.00 92 Sheffield Drive
10.02 93 San Ysidro Road
Santa Barbara 10.54 94A Olive Mill Road, Coast Village Road No northbound entrance
94B Hermosillo Road Northbound exit only
11.41 94C Cabrillo Boulevard, Coast Village Road Signed as exit 94B southbound, no southbound entrance
95 Los Patos Way (unsigned) Southbound exit only
95 Salinas Street Northbound exit and entrance
12.75 96 Milpas Street Former SR 144; northbound exit signed as exit 96A; southbound as exits 96B and 96A
13.49 96 Laguna Street, Garden Street - Downtown Santa Barbara Laguna Street/Garden Street northbound exit signed as exit 96B; Garden Street southbound exit signed as exit 96C
R14.19 97 Bath Street, Castillo Street; Santa Barbara Harbor
R14.76 98A Carrillo Street - Downtown Santa Barbara Signed as exit 98 southbound
15.26 98B Arrellaga Street Northbound exit and entrance
R15.73 99A Mission Street Signed as exit 99 southbound
16.05 99B Pueblo Street Northbound exit only
16.55 100 Las Positas Road Former SR 225
17.78 101A La Cumbre Road, Hope Avenue
18.38 101B west / State Street - Cachuma Lake
18.92 102 El Sueno Road Northbound exit and entrance
20.06 103 Turnpike Road
Goleta 21.15 104A Patterson Avenue Signed as exit 104 southbound
21.41 104B west - Airport, UCSB Northbound exit and southbound entrance
22.53 105 Fairview Avenue
23.72 107 Los Carneros Road
24.77 108 Glen Annie Road, Storke Road
26.91 110 Winchester Canyon Road, Hollister Avenue All ramps are via Cathedral Oaks Road
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
30.06 113 Dos Pueblos Canyon Road
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
32.84 116 El Capitan Ranch Road
33.85 117 El Capitan State Beach
36.62 120 Refugio Road - Refugio State Beach
North end of freeway
Gaviota 44.82 128 Calle Mariposa Reina Interchange
Gaviota State Beach Southbound access only
Gaviota Rest Area
47.19 Gaviota Gorge Tunnel (northbound only)
South end of freeway
Las Cruces R48.85 132 north - Lompoc, Vandenberg AFB North end of SR 1 overlap
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
Buellton R56.46 139 Santa Rosa Road
R57.12 140A  - Lompoc, Solvang
R57.55 140B McMurray Road, Avenue of the Flags
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
62.67 146 east / Zaca Station Road - Los Olivos, Cachuma Lake
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
70.92 154 north - Los Alamos, Vandenberg AFB
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
78.69 161 Solomon Summit Undercrossing
Santa Maria 82.18 165 Clark Avenue - Orcutt
166 Union Valley Parkway
84.34 167 Santa Maria Way (US 101 Bus. north)
86.59 169 Betteravia Road - Sisquoc
87.60 170 Stowell Road
88.60 171 west (Main Street) - Santa Maria, Guadalupe South end of SR 166 overlap
89.69 172 Donovan Road
90.75 173 south (Broadway, US 101 Bus. south) - Santa Maria
San Luis Obispo
SLO 0.00-R69.32
0.81 175 east - Maricopa, Bakersfield North end of SR 166 overlap
Nipomo 4.85 179 Tefft Street - Nipomo
181 Willow Road
7.84 182 Thompson Road, Los Berros Road
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
Arroyo Grande 12.52 186 Traffic Way (US 101 Bus. north), Fair Oaks Avenue No northbound entrance
13.17 187A north (Grand Avenue, US 101 Bus. south)
13.75 187B Brisco Road, Halcyon Drive
Pismo Beach 14.61 188 Oak Park Road
15.58 189 4th Street, Five Cities Drive Signed as exits 189 (4th Street) and 190A (Five Cities Drive) southbound
16.40 190B Price Street (US 101 Bus. north), Hinds Avenue No northbound entrance; signed as exit 190 northbound
16.88 191A south / Wadsworth Avenue - Pismo Beach SR 1 exit southbound, Wadsworth Avenue exit northbound
17.76 191B Shell Beach Road, Price Street (SR 1 south, US 101 Bus. south) South end of SR 1 overlap
R19.81 193 Spyglass Drive, Shell Beach Road
R21.11 195 Avilla Beach Drive
R22.29 196 San Luis Bay Drive - See Canyon, Avila Beach
R24.30 198 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo 25.91 200A Los Osos Valley Road Signed as exit 200 southbound
26.83 200B Prado Road, Elks Lane Northbound exit and entrance
27.50 201 south (Madonna Road)
28.07 202A Marsh Street
28.81 202B Broad Street
29.08 203A Osos Street, Santa Rosa Street
29.08 203B north - Morro Bay, Hearst Castle North end of SR 1 overlap
29.40 203C California Boulevard
29.77 203D Grand Avenue - Cal Poly Northbound exit and southbound entrance
29.99 204 Monterey Street No southbound entrance
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
Santa Margarita 37.85 211 east - Santa Margarita
42.27 216A Santa Barbara Road Signed as exit 216 southbound
42.90 216B San Diego Way Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Atascadero 44.01 218A Santa Rosa Road
44.84 218B Curbaril Avenue
45.57 219 (Morro Road)
45.96 220A Traffic Way (US 101 Bus. north)
46.87 220B San Anselmo Road
48.33 222 Del Rio Road (US 101 Bus. south)
49.32 223 San Ramon Road, Santa Cruz Road
Templeton 50.64 224 Vineyard Drive (US 101 Bus. north)
51.45 225 Las Tablas Road
52.44 226 Main Street (US 101 Bus. south)
Paso Robles 53.89 228 west - Cambria, Hearst Castle South end of SR 46 overlap
55.67 229 Spring Street (US 101 Bus. north) Northbound exit and southbound entrance; former US 101
56.14 230 Pine Street Southbound exit and entrance
230 Paso Robles Street Northbound exit and entrance
56.88 231A 17th Street Southbound exit and entrance
57.92 231B east (CR G14) - Fresno, Bakersfield North end of SR 46 overlap; signed as exit 231 northbound
58.76 232 Spring Street (US 101 Bus. south) No southbound entrance; former US 101
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
San Miguel 65.08 239A Mission Street - San Miguel Northbound exit and southbound left entrance
65.56 239B 10th Street Signed as exit 239 southbound
67.23 241A Mission Street - San Miguel Southbound exit and northbound entrance
R67.71 241B Camp Roberts Signed as exit 241 northbound
MON R0.00-101.32
R0.84 244 Camp Roberts
R2.15 245 East Garrison
Camp Roberts Rest Area
R7.94 251 Bradley
R9.67 252 (Jolon Road) - Fort Hunter Liggett
R15.47 258 Alvarado Road
R17.86 260 Los Lobos Road
R21.99 263 Paris Valley Road - San Ardo
R29.90 271 Paris Valley Road - Lockwood
San Lucas R32.02 273 east - San Lucas, Coalinga
R37.31 278 Wild Horse Road
King City R39.77 281 First Street (US 101 Bus. north / CR G15 to CR G13) - King City
R40.72 282A Canal Street
R41.18 282B Broadway (US 101 Bus. south / CR G13) - King City
R41.95 283 (Jolon Road) - Fort Hunter Liggett
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
52.66 293 Espinosa Road (US 101 Bus. north, CR G16) - Greenfield Former US 101
Greenfield 53.36 294A Oak Avenue
53.86 294B Walnut Avenue
54.79 295 Thorne Road (US 101 Bus. south) - Greenfield Former US 101
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
Soledad 60.40 301 Arroyo Seco Road
61.59 302 (US 101 Bus. north) - Soledad Former US 101
62.70 303 Front Street (US 101 Bus. south)
64.63 305 Camphora Gloria Road
66.40 307 Salinas Valley State Prison
Gonzales 69.37 310 Gloria Road (US 101 Bus. north), Alta Street - Gonzales Former US 101
70.86 311 5th Street
72.61 313 Old Stage Road (US 101 Bus. south) - Gonzales
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
Chualar 76.97 317 Chualar
North end of freeway
82.47 323 Abbott Street (US 101 Bus. north) - Spreckels Interchange; northbound left exit and southbound left entrance
South end of freeway
Salinas 85.62 326A Airport Boulevard
326B Fairview Avenue Northbound exit only
86.12 326C Monterey Peninsula Signed as exit 326B southbound
86.82 327 (John Street)
87.30 328 To (Market Street) - Santa Cruz
R88.24 329 Main Street (SR 183, US 101 Bus. south) - Salinas
R89.27 330 Laurel Drive
R91.01 331 Boronda Road (US 101 Bus. south)
92.19 333 Sala Road
North end of freeway
95.44 336 west / Vierra Canyon Road - Monterey Peninsula South end of SR 156 overlap
96.14 337 San Miguel Canyon Road (CR G12)
98.37 339 Crazy Horse Canyon Road, Echo Valley Road
100.39 Dunbarton Road to San Juan Road (CR G11) Closed in 2015 after the construction of the San Juan Road interchange
San Benito
SBT 0.00-R7.52
0.13 342 San Juan Road (CR G11) - Aromas, Watsonville
South end of freeway
3.01 345 east - San Juan Bautista, Hollister North end of SR 156 overlap
R4.90 347 west - Watsonville, Santa Cruz
R6.49 349 Betabel Road, Y Road
North end of freeway
Santa Clara
SCL R0.03-52.55
3.16 353 south - Hollister, Pinnacles National Park
South end of freeway
R4.94 355 Monterey Road (US 101 Bus. north) - Gilroy
Gilroy R6.08 356 east (Pacheco Pass Road) / 10th Street South end of SR 152 overlap
R7.53 357 west (Leavesley Road CR G9) - Gilroy North end of SR 152 overlap
R10.27 360 Masten Avenue
San Martin R12.46 362 San Martin Avenue
Morgan Hill R15.07 365 Tennant Avenue
R16.01 366 East Dunne Avenue - Morgan Hill
R17.82 367 Cochrane Road (US 101 Bus. south)
San Jose R21.25 371 Coyote Creek Golf Drive
R23.10 373 Bailey Avenue
R26.78 377A north (West Valley Freeway) - Mountain View, Cupertino Signed as exit 377B southbound; no northbound entrance; SR 85 south exit 1A
-- north HOV access only; northbound exit and southbound entrance
R27.00 377B Silicon Valley Boulevard, Bernal Road Signed as exit 377A southbound
R28.61 378 To / Blossom Hill Road (CR G10), Silver Creek Valley Road South end of Bayshore Freeway;[36] former SR 82
30.10 380 Hellyer Avenue
31.00 381 Yerba Buena Road Exit was separated northbound in 2014
31.70 382 Capitol Expressway (CR G21)
33.03 383 Tully Road
34.55 385A Story Road Signed as exit 385 northbound
34.87 385B north / north - San Francisco, Downtown San Jose, Sacramento Signed as exit 384 northbound; I-680 exit 1B
R35.76 386A (Alum Rock Avenue) / Santa Clara Street
R36.14 386B McKee Road, Julian Street
387 Mabury Road, Taylor Street Planned interchange scheduled to open in late 2021
37.73 388A Oakland Road, 13th Street Former SR 238
38.30 388 (Nimitz Freeway) - Oakland, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos Signed as exits 388B (north) and 388C (south); I-880 exits 4B-C
38.80 389A Old Bayshore Highway, 4th Street No southbound exit
39.29 389B Brokaw Road, First Street Signed as exit 389 southbound
39.93 390 south (Guadalupe Parkway) Southbound exit and northbound entrance; SR 87 north exit 9B
San Jose-Santa Clara line 40.70 391 Trimble Road, De la Cruz Boulevard (CR G6) - Santa Clara Signed as exits 391A (Trimble Road) and 391B (De la Cruz Boulevard) southbound
Santa Clara 41.98 392 San Tomas Expressway, Montague Expressway (CR G4)
42.73 393 Great America Parkway, Bowers Avenue
Sunnyvale 43.85 394 Lawrence Expressway (CR G2)
44.83 395 Fair Oaks Avenue Signed as exits 395A (north) and 395B (south) southbound
45.68 396A To east / Mathilda Avenue north Northbound exit and southbound entrance
45.68 396B Mathilda Avenue south - Sunnyvale Signed as exit 396A southbound; former SR 85
46.13 396B east - Alviso, Milpitas Southbound exit and northbound entrance; SR 237 west exit 3A
46.13 396C west (Mountain View Alviso Road) Northbound exit and southbound entrance; SR 237 east exit 3A
Mountain View 47.01 397 Ellis Street
47.89 398A Moffett Boulevard, NASA Parkway Signed as exit 398 northbound
-- south HOV access only; southbound exit and northbound entrance
48.10 398B south - Cupertino, Santa Cruz Southbound exit and northbound entrance; SR 85 north exit 24B
48.60 399A Shoreline Boulevard - Mountain View Signed as exit 399 southbound
48.97 399B Old Middlefield Way Northbound exit and southbound entrance
49.61 400A Amphitheatre Parkway, Rengstorff Avenue Signed as exits 400A (Amphitheatre Parkway) and 400B (Rengstorff Avenue) northbound
Mountain View-Palo Alto line 50.32 400C San Antonio Road Signed as exits 400B (north) and 400C (south) southbound
Palo Alto 52.01 402 Oregon Expressway (CR G3)
52.17 402 Embarcadero Road
San Mateo
SM 0.00-26.11
East Palo Alto 0.89 403 University Avenue (to SR 109)
East Palo Alto-Menlo Park line 1.87 404 (Willow Road) to east
Menlo Park 3.59 406 east (Marsh Road) - Dumbarton Bridge South end of SR 84 overlap
Redwood City 5.39 408 west (Woodside Road) / Seaport Boulevard North end of SR 84 overlap
6.62 409 Whipple Avenue - Redwood City
San Carlos 411 Brittan Avenue Southbound exit and entrance
8.40 411 Holly Street, Redwood Shores Parkway - San Carlos
412 Harbor Boulevard Southbound exit and entrance
Belmont 9.55 412 Marine Parkway, Ralston Avenue - Belmont Former Legislative Route 214
San Mateo 11.15 414A Hillsdale Boulevard - Foster City
11.90 414B  - Hayward, San Mateo Bridge, Half Moon Bay SR 92 exits 13A-B
11.90 414B Fashion Island Boulevard No northbound exit
12.69 415 Kehoe Avenue Northbound exit and entrance
13.46 416 3rd Avenue Former SR 92
14.33 417A Dore Avenue Northbound exit and entrance
14.33 417 Poplar Avenue Southbound exit and entrance
14.69 417B Peninsula Avenue - Burlingame Northbound exit and entrance
Burlingame 419A Anza Boulevard Northbound exit and entrance
16.58 419B Broadway - Burlingame
Millbrae 17.95 421 Millbrae Avenue - Millbrae Signed as exit 420 southbound
San Bruno 19.12 422 San Francisco International Airport Southbound exit is part of exit 423A
R20.39 423A San Bruno Avenue
R20.72 423B west to  - San Bruno I-380 west exit 6, east exits 6A-B
South San Francisco R20.72 423C North Access Road (I-380 east) - North Cargo Area Southbound exit is part of exit 423A
21.69 424 South Airport Boulevard
21.92 425A Grand Avenue - Downtown South San Francisco No southbound entrance
22.71 425B Oyster Point Boulevard
425C South San Francisco (Airport Boulevard) Southbound exit and entrance
Brisbane 23.39 426A Brisbane, Cow Palace (Bayshore Boulevard) Northbound exit only
23.66 426B Sierra Point Parkway, Marina Boulevard - Brisbane Signed as exit 426 southbound; southbound exit and entrance are located 1.2 miles (1.9 km) north of northbound exit and entrance
City and County of San Francisco
SF 0.00-R4.24
0.03 429A Tunnel Avenue - Candlestick Park
0.77 429B Third Street - Cow Palace
1.11 429C Paul Avenue No northbound entrance; signed as exit 430A southbound
1.77 430B Silver Avenue No northbound entrance
1.98 430A north - Downtown San Francisco Northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-280 south exit 54
1.98 431 south - Daly City I-280 north exits 54A-B
2.00 431 Alemany Boulevard, Bayshore Boulevard
2.92 432 Cesar Chavez Street, Potrero Avenue
4.10 433A Vermont Street Northbound exit only
R4.24 433B east - Bay Bridge, Oakland Signed as exit 433 southbound; north end of Bayshore Freeway; south end of Central Freeway;[36] I-80 exits 1A-B
433C Ninth Street - Civic Center Northbound exit and southbound entrance
434A Duboce Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
434B Octavia Boulevard to Fell Street Northbound exit and southbound entrance
North end of Central Freeway
Market Street No left turns
Geary Boulevard No left turn from northbound US 101
Broadway No left turns from Broadway; no left turn from northbound US 101
Van Ness Avenue, Lombard Street No left turn from southbound Van Ness Avenue; no left turn from westbound Lombard Street
South end of Presidio Parkway
South end of freeway
L8.59 437 Marina Boulevard, Girard Road - Marina, Presidio
9.40 438 south (Park Presidio Boulevard) - Golden Gate Park South end of SR 1 overlap
9.71 439 25th Avenue - View Area, Presidio, Golden Gate NRA, Fort Point North end of Presidio Parkway
Golden Gate   Golden Gate Bridge
(Tolled southbound only; no state maintenance on bridge)
MRN L0.00-27.63
Sausalito 0.10 441 H. Dana Bower Rest Area and Vista Point Northbound exit and entrance only; south end of Redwood Highway
0.32 442 Alexander Avenue - Sausalito
0.89 Robin Williams Tunnel under Waldo Grade
1.52 443 Spencer Avenue, Monte Mar Drive
2.48 444 Rodeo Avenue Southbound exit and entrance connects to a dead end
3.33 445A Sausalito, Marin City
4.46 445B north - Mill Valley, Stinson Beach North end of SR 1 overlap
Strawberry 446 Seminary Drive
5.70 447 east (Tiburon Boulevard) / East Blithedale Avenue
Corte Madera 7.37 449A Paradise Drive, Tamalpais Drive Signed as exit 449 northbound
7.66 449B Madera Boulevard Southbound exit and entrance
8.02 450A Lucky Drive, Doherty Drive
Larkspur 8.60 450B Sir Francis Drake Boulevard - San Anselmo, Richmond Bridge, Kentfield
San Rafael 9.63 451A Andersen Drive Southbound exit and entrance
10.00 451 To east / Francisco Boulevard - Richmond Bridge Northbound exit only
10.00 451B east - Richmond Bridge, Oakland Southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-580 west exit 1A
10.72 452 Central San Rafael
12.19 454A Lincoln Avenue No northbound exit
12.69 454B North San Pedro Road Signed as exit 454 northbound
13.71 455 Freitas Parkway - Terra Linda
14.71 456 Lucas Valley Road, Smith Ranch Road
15.57 457 St. Vincent Drive - Marinwood
16.64 458 Nave Drive, Alameda del Prado - Hamilton Field
18.09 459 Ignacio Boulevard, Bel Marin Keys Boulevard, Entrada Drive - Hamilton Field
Novato 18.94 460 east / South Novato Boulevard - Napa, Vallejo Signed as exits 460A (SR 37) and 460B (South Novato Boulevard) northbound
R20.19 462A Rowland Boulevard (US 101 Bus. north)
R21.11 462B De Long Avenue - Downtown Novato
R22.00 463 Atherton Avenue, San Marin Drive (US 101 Bus. south)
26.90 467 San Antonio Road / Silveira Ranch Road
Sonoma 2.94 472A Petaluma Boulevard South (US 101 Bus. north), Kastania Road
Petaluma 3.58 472B east - Sonoma, Napa South end of SR 116 overlap
4.76 474 East Washington Street - Central Petaluma
5.76 476 Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma Boulevard North (US 101 Bus. south) - Penngrove
10.67 479 Railroad Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Cotati 12.00 481A West Sierra Avenue - Cotati Northbound exit and southbound entrance
12.69 481B west (Gravenstein Highway) - Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Cotati North end of SR 116 overlap; signed as exit 481 southbound
Rohnert Park 13.88 483 Rohnert Park Expressway
15.02 484A Golf Course Drive, Wilfred Avenue Signed as exit 484 southbound
15.53 484B Santa Rosa Avenue (US 101 Bus. north) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
16.54 485 Todd Road
18.49 487 Yolanda Avenue, Hearn Avenue
19.00 488A Baker Avenue, Santa Rosa Avenue, Corby Avenue
Santa Rosa 19.66 488B  - Sebastopol, Sonoma SR 12 west exits 7A-B, east exit 7
20.09 489 Third Street - Downtown Santa Rosa
20.74 490 College Avenue
21.74 491A Steele Lane, Guerneville Road Signed as exit 491 southbound
22.52 491B Bicentennial Way Northbound exit and southbound entrance
22.81 492 Hopper Avenue, Mendocino Avenue (US 101 Bus. south), Old Redwood Highway
24.86 494 River Road - Guerneville, Calistoga
25.90 495A Fulton Road - Fulton Closed after the reconstruction of the Airport Boulevard interchange
26.33 495 Airport Boulevard, Fulton Road - Fulton
27.62 496 Shiloh Road
29.35 498 Old Redwood Highway - Central Windsor
30.67 499 Arata Lane No northbound entrance
33.48 502 Healdsburg Avenue, Old Redwood Highway
Healdsburg 34.55 503 Central Healdsburg Northbound exit and southbound entrance
34.88 504 Westside Road - Guerneville Southbound exit and northbound entrance
36.27 505 Dry Creek Road - Healdsburg
R38.56 507 Lytton Springs Road, Alexander Valley Road
R40.03 509 Independence Lane
Geyserville R41.43 510 To east / Geyserville Avenue - Geyserville
R43.37 512 east / Canyon Road (CR C1) - Geyserville, Calistoga South end of SR 128 overlap
R47.85 517 Asti
R49.05 518 Dutcher Creek Road - Stewarts Point
R50.43 519 South Cloverdale Boulevard (US 101 Bus. north, SR 128 Bus. west)
Cloverdale R51.62 520 Citrus Fair Drive
R53.40 522 west (US 101 Bus. south) - Fort Bragg, Mendocino North end of SR 128 overlap
MEN R0.10-T106.80
0.48 525 Geysers Road
North end of freeway
Hopland 10.89 east - Lakeport
South end of freeway
19.68 544 Burke Hill Drive
20.71 545 Cox-Shrader Road
R21.59 546 west - Ukiah, Boonville
Ukiah R23.45 548A Talmage (SR 222)
R24.06 548B Gobbi Street
R24.53 549 Perkins Street, Vichy Springs Road - Central Ukiah
R26.16 551 North State Street - Ukiah
27.41 552 Lake Mendocino Drive
30.43 555A Calpella
30.83 555B east - Upper Lake, Williams South end of SR 20 overlap
R32.63 557 West Road - Redwood Valley
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
568 west - Willits North end of SR 20 overlap; former US 101 north
573 To west / North Main Street Former US 101 south
North end of freeway
58.90 Moss Cove Rest Area (southbound only)
Longvale 59.31 east - Covelo, Round Valley
61.82 Irvine Lodge Road - Irvine Lodge Rest Area No left turn from US 101 south
82.50 Empire Camp Rest Area (northbound only)
South end of freeway
R84.69 609 north Former US 101 north
South Leggett R89.57 614 South Leggett (SR 271) Former US 101
North end of freeway
Leggett T91.25 south - Leggett, Fort Bragg Former SR 208 south
South end of freeway
Reynolds R101.89 625 Former US 101
Piercy R103.81 627 Piercy (SR 271) Former US 101
HUM T0.00-R137.44
North end of freeway
Cooks Valley T0.08 south - Piercy, Cooks Valley Former US 101 south
South end of freeway
Benbow R8.60 636 Benbow
Garberville R11.13 639A Sprowel Creek Road (US 101 Bus. north) - Garberville No northbound entrance
R11.50 639B Garberville, Redway No southbound entrance
R14.31 642 Redwood Drive (US 101 Bus. south) - Redway
R17.91 645 Avenue of the Giants (SR 254), Hooker Creek Road - Phillipsville
R22.44 650 Miranda, Phillipsville
25.01 653 Salmon Creek Road
Myers Flat 27.94 656 Myers Flat (SR 254)
33.22 661 Weott
35.70 663 South Fork, Honeydew (SR 254)
39.16 667A Avenue of the Giants (SR 254) Southbound exit only
R39.67 667 Redcrest, Holmes
R43.32 671 Pepperwood, Redcrest, Holmes
R45.90 674 Avenue of the Giants (SR 254), Jordan Road - Pepperwood
R47.95 676 Stafford Road
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
R51.84 679 Rio Dell, Scotia (SR 283, US 101 Bus. north)
Rio Dell R52.60 680 Davis Street
R53.38 681 Wildwood Avenue (US 101 Bus. south) - Rio Dell
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
Alton 57.69 685 east - Hydesville, Bridgeville
Fortuna 59.50 687 Kenmar Road (US 101 Bus. north) - Fortuna
60.49 688 12th Street
Fortuna 61.53 689 Main Street (US 101 Bus. south)
62.23 690 Palmer Boulevard
Fernbridge 63.10 691 Fernbridge, Ferndale (to SR 211) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
64.30 692 Loleta, Fernbridge, Ferndale (SR 211)
65.95 694 Loleta Drive
68.21 696 Hookton Road - Loleta
Eureka 70.61 698 College of the Redwoods
72.03 699 Fields Landing
72.88 700 King Salmon Avenue
73.72 701 Humboldt Hill
74.77 702 Herrick Avenue, Elk River Road
North end of freeway
79.17 north (R Street) / Myrtle Avenue - Samoa
Arcata South end of freeway
85.03 712 South G Street Southbound exit and entrance
85.83 713 south (Samoa Boulevard) - Arcata, Samoa, Sunny Brae
86.50 714A 14th Street - Humboldt State University Northbound exit and southbound entrance
86.94 714B Sunset Avenue - Arcata, Humboldt State University Signed as exit 714 southbound
88.27 716A east - Weaverville, Redding
88.80 716B Giuntoli Lane, Janes Road
R90.13 718 Central Avenue (US 101 Bus. north), North Bank Road (SR 200) - McKinleyville
McKinleyville R91.47 719 School Road
R93.00 721 Murray Road
R93.85 722 Arcata-Eureka Airport
R95.62 723 North Central Avenue (US 101 Bus. south) - McKinleyville
R97.02 725 Crannell Road
98.07 726A Westhaven Drive Northbound exit and southbound entrance
98.36 726B 6th Avenue - Westhaven Signed as exit 726 southbound
Trinidad 100.71 728 Trinidad
R102.90 Trinidad - Southbound Rest Area
R103.37 731 Seawood Drive
R105.14 Trinidad - Northbound Rest Area
R106.06 734 Patricks Point Drive
North end of freeway
South end of freeway
R126.09 753 Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway north Former US 101 north
Del Norte
DN M0.00-46.49
R0.15 765 Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway south Former US 101 south
R3.56 768 Klamath Beach Road (CR D8)
Klamath R4.64 769 east - Klamath, Terwer Valley
North end of freeway
Requa Road (CR D7) / Minot Creek Road
Crescent City 25.84 Elk Valley Road (CR D2) - Elk Valley Rancheria
27.01 (Northcrest Drive)
Parkway Drive to Washington Boulevard Interchange; northbound exit and entrance
South end of freeway
R27.87 791 Washington Boulevard (CR D1) No northbound exit
R30.81 794 north (Redwood Highway north) to  - Grants Pass Northbound exit and southbound entrance; US 101 south transitions onto Redwood Highway south
North end of freeway
To / Elk Valley Cross Road (CR D2) - Grants Pass
Lake Earl Drive (CR D3) - Pelican Bay State Prison
36.26 south (North Bank Road)
Fred D. Haight Drive (CR D4)
Smith River 39.83 Fred D. Haight Drive (CR D4) - Smith River
Sarina Road, Ocean View Drive (CR D5)
Smith River Rancheria Mouth Smith River Road (CR D6)
Ocean View Drive (CR D5)
46.20 Agricultural Inspection Station (southbound only)
46.49 north - Oregon Coast Continuation into Oregon
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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