DBS A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation

DBS A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation
By Sierra M. Farris PA-C, Monique L. Giroux MD

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DBS A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation by DBS experts Sierra Farris, PAC and Monique Giroux, MD distill a high tech brain surgery into understandable terms for every reader. This guide offers a wealth of information about DBS for Tremor, Dystonia and Parkinson's disease whether new to DBS or already living with DBS. The authors bring 14 years’ experience working as a DBS team in treating over 1000 patients with DBS. Their easy to read format is packed with practical tips in a patient-centered approach. The authors hope to promote patient empowerment by offering insights that are rarely shared outside the clinic appointment. Being well informed is the first step in making the right decision for you. Deep brain stimulation offers years of symptom relief for people with Parkinson's disease, tremor and dystonia. DBS may even modify the disease course and improve quality of life when other therapies are not enough. As medical consumers, patients must become their own advocates to ensure they are well informed, especially when considering brain surgery. Filled with case studies, personal stories, practical tips and unique graphics, this book offers in-depth easy to understand explanations for one of the most high tech procedures that can turn back the clock on neurological disease. DBS programming expert Sierra Farris, PAC explains that “the day you have DBS surgery is the first day of the rest of your life. Make sure you know what you are getting into and even more important, feel confident with your chosen team." These words echo the sentiments of both authors and their patient centered approach to care. Chapters include detailed explanations of DBS therapy, expectations for improvement, the surgical evaluation process, and surgical procedure. An emphasis on stimulation programming principles and troubleshooting steps for poor outcomes remains an important aspect to a life-time of therapy. Long-term care tips, DBS specific lifestyle tips and caregiver impact is discussed. Finally, myths and controversies make this book unique and an important guide for you- the patient. Worksheets can be found at www.dbsguide.com.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap

Deep brain stimulation has revolutionized our approach to the treatment of Parkinson's disease, dystonia and tremor. The book 'DBS: A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation' by the team of Monique Giroux MD and Sierra Farris PA-C offers patients and caregivers a practical guide to deep brain stimulation that is long overdue. It addresses practical everyday questions that both patients and physicians alike will find extremely helpful covering a broad array of topics related to DBS. The book is highly informative, thorough and written at a level that is easy to understand. This book is a must for patients considering DBS and for physicians who take care of patients who may be candidates for DBS. 
-Jerrold L Vitek MD, PhD, McKnight Professor and Head, Director, Neuromodulation Research Center, Department of Neurology, University of Minnesota School of Medicine
The authors are respected clinicians who are experienced with all facets of the management of Parkinson's disease. They have written a very sophisticated and complete handbook for patients who are considering or have already undergone Deep Brain Stimulation. This book will be essential for patients who are looking for a more in-depth resource about a complex topic in Parkinson's disease management.
-Melanie Brandabur MD, Clinic Director, Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center, Sunnyvale, CA
I liked the six main goals in managing the DBS device. It helps the programmer and patients to clarify and develop similar goals of programming so patients can have realistic expectations. The book contains the best explanation of programming and stimulation adjustments that I've ever read. This topic is abstract and difficult for the unscientific mind to grasp. Thanks for making it understandable. My favorite section -Symptoms and Expectations Exercise, helps explain to patients how to concretely identify their expectations about DBS. Great explanation of targeting, head frame, frameless, bilateral staged, bilateral simultaneous, burr hole, nerve cell recording, and testing.
-Kate Kelsall, person living with DBS; Co-founder The Bionic Brigade Denver DBS Support Group and Co-Founder and President of DBS Voices of the Rockies

About the Author
Sierra Farris, MA, MPAS, PA-C is a board certified physician assistant specialized in movement disorders and deep brain stimulation with significant experience with all aspects of DBS therapy including a special interest in DBS research and investigating DBS problems. Ms. Farris is Director of DBS Services at the Movement & Neuroperformance Center located in Englewood Colorado. Sierra works alongside Dr. Monique Giroux and assists during DBS surgery performed at Swedish Hospital in Englewood Colorado. (www.centerformovement.org) Ms. Farris is an author, researcher, bioethicist, physician assistant, teacher and mountaineer. Sierra is at the top of her field as an expert in deep brain stimulation therapy. Dr. Giroux is a board certified neurologist, movement disorders specialist and co-founder of the Movement & Neuroperformance Center in Colorado. Dr. Giroux is the only U.S. Neurologist to complete fellowship training in Movement Disorders and Integrative Medicine. She is medical director of Swedish Medical Center Movement Disorders and DBS program in Englewood, CO, medical faculty for National Parkinson’s Foundation‘s National Allied Team Training Program and medical director of the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation. She has experience and leadership in interdisciplinary care, extensive training in DBS management, Botox therapies, and mindfulness based therapies. Dr. Giroux embraces a holistic approach to care including medical, surgical, rehabilitative and integrative therapies. She believes the best care combines the latest medical and scientific advances with compassionate care that instills hope, inspires and empowers. Dr. Giroux and Sierra Farris have been working as a team to advance DBS care since 2000.

Customer Reviews

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5Should have had this book BEFORE DBS surgery!
By L. High
This is a very well written, understandable book. It covers all the details from pre-surgery to post-surgery. It has very useful graphics that really point out what a difficult and tiny target the Subthalamic Nucleus (STN) is and the errors that can happen in placement. I have had two surgeries since both sides of my body are affected. The last one was 3/24/14...still don't have everything adjusted satisfactorily yet and it has been almost 3 months. No one gave me a timeline for this process, but the book does (it can take up to a year!) However, my main problem is not tremor, it is rigidity and freezing and finding the optimal settings and medication amounts are totally individual. In the book, you are given questions to ask your doctor when considering the serious proposition of messing with your brain. It tells you about the surgery in great detail with photos of xrays showing broken wires and incorrect placement in the STN, a couple rare possibilities of things gone wrong, but not unfixable. For the most part, I am doing ok, But having this book after my Neurologist suggested surgery, would have been a great help. I have shown it to my DBS Neurologist as well as my continuing care Neurologist and have recommended they give them to potential DBS patients.

If you don't want that much detail, but want general information, I would suggest Michael S. Okun, MD, the author of : Parkinson's Treatment: Ten Secrets to a Happier Life. A very good overall look at Parkinson's and it's treatment options; DBS being one of them.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5DBS A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation...
By Harrie Mccombs
As someone with severe Essential Tremor, I highly recommend this book. It will help answer a lot of questions and suggest questions to ask your doctor. I recently had DBS surgery on one side and it is wonderful to be able to write my name, etc. again.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent Book! Highlights the risks and rewards of DBS.
This book gives anyone considering DBS a step by step guide of questions and possible risks when considering DBS surgery. The book is well written in layman terms. It explains the importance of the relationship among the team members, with the patient being the focal point. I spent 15 years struggling with this debilitating disease before I seriously considered DBS. I read everything I could find on the disease, the surgery, the risks, the recovery process. Of everything I read and researched (internet, books, and people that had had the surgery), "DBS A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation" was by far the best written and most comprehensive resource available. It covers all aspects of if, when, why, and how to proceed on making the decision to have DBS surgery. This book is not just for the patient but also for the caregivers and families of the patient. I highly recommend this book for everyone considering DBS surgery.

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