Tracer - A Thriller: A Zoo Crew Novel (Zoo Crew series Book 3)

Tracer - A Thriller: A Zoo Crew Novel (Zoo Crew series Book 3)
By Dustin Stevens

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Two weeks ago, Lukas Webb was an Army sniper on the front lines in Afghanistan. Upon finding out his father has just days to live, he is granted a compassionate discharge and returns home to Hamilton, Montana to say goodbye and take over the family business. Just days into his tenure at the helm of the WB Ranch, he appears at the front door of an Agriculture Commission meeting carrying a rifle and fires two perfect shots before being taking three rounds himself.

While Lukas sits in Hamilton Memorial Hospital in a medical-induced coma, a frenzy wages on outside. Local law enforcement and prosecutors parade in front of the cameras, blaming the actions on a maladjusted serviceman, using the incident to bolster their own standing. Veterans in the area bristle at the treatment, threatening to lash back at any time. Townspeople claim they no longer feel safe on the streets of Hamilton.

With just days remaining before Lukas wakes and is hauled off to prison for the rest of his life, a call is made to budding attorney Drake Bell for assistance. Employing the help of his friends the Zoo Crew, he begins a maddening search for the real reason behind the shooting, something he suspects resonates much closer to home...

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  • Published on: 2013-12-09
  • Released on: 2013-12-09
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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5Pretty damned good.
By claudette valliere
Another great read for the Zoo Crew. Spoiler alert.

This one starts with Lucas Webb. Lucas just returned from tours of duty in the Middle East. He's Spec Ops and a sniper.

Lucas was granted a compassionate out of the military when his father was dying and he had to return home and take over the family ranch. He hurried home and his father gave him the facts about the ranch and what was going on. He died three days later. Neither Lucas or his father let sister Sarah know what was going on because they didn't want her involved. Sara has no idea what's been going on.

Right now Lucas headed back to the Ag meeting he'd been attending. A meeting where he'd been shut down after trying to ask a question. Shut down by Hoyt Tierney, a big rancher, who jointly ran the meetings with Lucy Pritchett another rancher. Lucas has his fathers 30.06 and some tracer rounds.

Once there he opens fire at the meeting. He didn't hit anyone, mainly because he wasn't intending to hit anyone. If he had intended to hit someone, that someone would have been killed right then and there. A sniper he is. He just blew the eyes out of the photo of Tierney on the wall with tracer rounds. Those rounds turned everything bright and red. Lucas was then shot three times by Hank MciIivane a man hired by Tierney to take care of security for his ranch and what he does on that ranch.

Lucas was hit three times once in the lungs. Once at the hospital and out of surgery he's put in a coma so his body can heal. In ten days he'll be awakened so Sheriff Pratt can arrest him. Pratt visits Sarah in Lucas's room. A place she's been since the whole thing happened. Pratt questions Sara. A Sarah who has no clue as to why Lucas did what he did something that she will find out much later.

The County Attorney Goslin will be throwing the book at Lucas and looking for life in prison on attempted murder charges. A Goslin who's looking to further her career by using Lucas.

Sara calls her friend Rink. A Rink who contact Drake Bell and of course the Zoo Crew.

Its Christmas and the Zoo Crew is getting read for it. Ajax is headed home which is something he hardly ever does. His Mother has demanded he come home. Ajax thinks she's trying to set him up again. Ajax is not happy but he's headed to Boston for Christmas.

Drake got Ava and her things to the airport and Ava is more than ready to leave Montana. An Ava who's headed back for Louisiana. An Ava Drake will miss.

Drake is still trying to talk Kade into that PI license. A Drake who's invited to the Kuehl home for food. More food than any of them can eat. Kade and Sage's Mom is a great cook and Dad talks about what happened in Hamilton. The shooting. Its the first Drake, Sage and Kade have heard of it. It won't be the last though once Rink calls.

So begins one damned fine read.

This one has Drake, Kade, Sage, Ajax, Lucas, Sara, Rink, Sheriff Pratt, Tierney, Mcllvane, cows, SA Goslin who's looking to make a name for herself and using Lucas to do so, press conferences, cattle, a Tierney who is doing his best to save his cattle, ranch and money, a Tierney who isn't above murder to get what he wants, brands, brands that have been tampered with, an attempt on Lucas, a Sara who foils that attack, a Drake talking with those at the Ag meeting to get an idea of what happened, a Drake who after talking with a biologist is starting to get a clue about what happened and why, a Mcllvane who tails Drake, the Home Guard, General Jensen, those in the Home Guard who know Mcllvane and have no liking for him at all, brucellosis, winter in Missoula a showdown between the Zoo Crew and Mcllvane , the Winter Dance and Drake and the Zoo crew doing their best to get the truth help a rancher and his sister and foil the bad guys.

Five Stars. Great read.

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5Don't try to guess the ending
By Teresa F. Robinson
Story takes such an interesting turn - "who wouda' thunk" - very well written. Makes you think about public opinion and perception versus reality. Sometimes we over think things and come to the wrong conclusion. Better to ask why than assume you know the mind of someone else.

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4I really like the Zoo Crew! I want to join!
By Dixie P.
The "head" of the Zoo Crew, more by default than anything else, Drake, had been a football star during his undergrad days; now, last year of law school, Drake can not and will not turn his back on those that can't help themselves. And, no matter what is happening, he knows the Zoo Crew have his back -- it's just how they roll.

When a huge cattle barron sets out to deceive to obtain what he wants, he didn't count on being discovered. When he is, shots are fired -- by an army sniper, no less! Instead of him fighting for his life, he believe he has gotten what he wants and that everything is now in place to make his final move! Ahhh, but he knows nothing about the Crew and their friends . . . none of them will turn their back on a young woman, who just days before had buried her father, and now whose brother, recently returned from the Army, is fighting for his life and in a coma!

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