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They Lie and We Pay: (With Our Lives)



No one has ever told this story until now. People have heard bits and pieces, much of it lies, but never the whole story. This book is an eyeball-popper. When people from all walks of life start to grasp the big picture, it's only a matter of time before the greed-crazed crooks who've been robbing us all blind will be run out of the country.

Assorted people will find the book of interest, some more keenly than others, and all for very different reasons.

Anyone who has ever been ripped off by a doctor or hospital, or gouged on the price of a prescription drug will learn how to stop being scammed.

Class-action law firms can find excellent fodder in these pages for some long overdue lawsuits.

Consumers might be especially interested in inside info – the arcanum of an existing plan that acts like health insurance, only better and for half the price.

Doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies will want to bury it (or the author).

Small employers might be interested in finding out how to save a literal fortune on health insurance premiums every year.

Insurance agents might discover that they've miserably failed their clients.

Government agencies that authorize tax-exempt status for 'not-for-profit' health care organizations will discover a gold mine of potential tax revenue.

Politicians with no clue how to undo the disaster called Obamacare and replace it with a viable solution will want to pay close attention.

Insurance industry big wheels might be blown away to discover the only viable solution for our health insurance nightmare.

Bureaucrats at state departments of insurance will get a needed wake up call.

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