Came A Long Way: A Philly Love Drama

Came A Long Way: A Philly Love Drama
By Yo Loni

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Product Description

4 women + 1 man = DRAMA.
Because of his lifestyle, Rafiq Harris is pegged as a womanizer. In the eyes of the media, he is the reigning champ of scandal. But, behind closed doors, he's far from the dog that he is made out to be.
With so many women chasing him, he only has eyes for one special lady. However, getting the prize isn't as easy as he expected. Soraya Jones isn't impressed by his money and fame, so Rafiq has to step outside of his box to bag his queen.
However, it's not so simple when he has a host of women all chasing after the same thing… his money and his heart.

Deanna has been down for Rafiq since they were in high school. She knew what she was getting herself into with him from the start, but, she felt she was entitled to his heart once he was ready to settle down. However, Rafiq doesn't see it that way.

Kendra was hired as his publicist, but, she finds out the hard way why you can't mix business with pleasure.

Brandi is what you call the bitter baby mama from hell. She hasn't gotten over the fact that Rafiq have moved on and now he only wants to do right by his daughter without the drama. However, if she can't have him, no one else can.

Last, you have Soraya, the one that got away. Thanks to his mother, Vanessa, after their one night of pleasure, he didn't see her again until years later and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make her his queen.

How will Rafiq handle all the drama coming his way with the women in his life? Came Along Way is a classic tale, filled with drama, love, and deceit. It's sure to heat up your kindles and leave you thirsty for more. One-click your copy and get in on the drama!

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #103281 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2017-01-01
  • Released on: 2017-01-01
  • Format: Kindle eBook

Customer Reviews

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By Nerrisa
I couldn't put it down... I will say I Love me some Rafiq but he cant seem to catch a break... and lil Za is a trip he brought me many laughs with his bad! For some reason I feel like Kendra has something to hide, i didnt trust her from the gate... but i could be wrong! Deanna is on my last nerve and she needs to fall back she is to thirsty for and Brandi is just a sad case all together... what shes keeping from Ra is down right wrong... and how in the hell did Trey end up in the position that hes in...what made him go in that direction? I have a few choice words for Rafiq's Mama... i can already tell she has more than enough secrets hidden with her sneaky self. That leaves Terrance...smh i knew he was going to be in the shadows... but what is he about to bring to this web of secrets? Im team Rafiq and Soraya all day! Im hoping that they can make it through the drama that is continuing to unfold. That ending left me with so many questions, I need part 2 im ready to see who really came a long way!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Came a Long Way
By Kindle Customer
Man Yo Loni I'm hoping part 2 isn't too far behind! I love Rafiq and Soraya and can't wait to find out who is responsible for all the drama in their life. Lawd why can't Brandi, Deanna and Kendra all stay in their own lanes. Vanessa is a piece of work and a sorry excuse for a mother. I'm glad Soraya had the opportunity to let Rafiq know everything including the obstacles that presented her from telling him sooner. Man Trey why? Ish has definitely just got real and I can't wait to see if the long way Rafiq has came is in vain. Karma sure needs to hurry up cause some of these heffas are really pissing me off with their conniving asses! Great job as always Yo Loni!

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5Awesome Read
By Nicole Ervin
Yo Loni did her thing with this story. Every bit of the story flowed. Some people will leave you shocked by their actions. Soraya and Rafiq are simply adorable together. The two of them will have you laughing. Brandi and Deanna will have you ready to smack someone. I didn't care too much for Kendra. She seems extremely sneaky. Just like Ra's mother. I love Zamir and Lyric! Those two kids are something else. Zamir is every bit of Ra!! Trey had his moments, but he was still a good dude! Looking forward to seeing what drama Yo Loni has to bring in book two, because we all know the pettiness is about to continue!!!

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