Hearts on the Run 2

Hearts on the Run 2
By Yo Loni

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Product Description

Angela and Trey’s relationship has been tested beyond their control. As tragedy strikes, trust is broken and secrets are revealed as lies are being uncovered. Trying to recover from a tragic car accident, Angela attempts to hold her life together. But, that is not an easy task with her sudden loss of memory; especially when everyone close to her seems to be keeping secrets from her, including her dead ex.

Trey is on a mission, trying to repair his relationship. Angela’s accident is only a minor setback. However, while trying to protect the love of his life, he finds outs some disturbing information that could complicate things even more.

How can these two keep it together when they have family that is slithering and hissing like a snake in the grass? In this drama filled finale, see how the circumstances surrounding Angela and Trey either pull them together or send them running forever.

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #218198 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2017-08-15
  • Released on: 2017-08-15
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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5Hearts On the Run 2
By Tani8604
Man oh man, where do I start? I love Angela and Trey together and just wanted them to get on track once and for all. I was really waiting on anybody to jump on Tammy's trifling ass. As a mother she failed at her main priorities of loving and protecting her children. Sims was pushing a lot of buttons with me and then turned around and showed how bitch made he was. I didn't have any sympathy for April or Jaxson because they caused everything on themselves. The support was real between Angela and Trey and through it all they actually helped the other. A fresh start proved to be just what they needed after all. Lawd I thought Joy would end up in a body bag for a second. That was some secret Asia kept and I wish Angela had punched her in the throat although she had a reason for not telling. Fitz had some nerve! I will say Angela and Trey's hearts were on the run long enough and they had to experience some major hurdles before coming to a conclusion on whether it was time to move on or stop fighting and let their love run its course. I can't wait to find out what Lyric and Zamir have going on as well as what becomes of Asia's situation.

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5Yessss great read!!
By mrs v
Yesssss man this series was good! I like how the author brings in the other from previous books and them their own story line...I must say I love ❤️ me some Trey & Angela I thought Rafiq and Soroya was my favorite..Trey is really funny character he had laughing through out the story...Now I can't wait to read about Asia & Cass... great job Yo Loni can't wait to read more

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5I love this took Trey and Angie were the best as ...
By LaTanya G.
I love this took Trey and Angie were the best as a couple. I loved how he treated her and how much he showed her he wanted to be with her and once she stopped running they were good. This author is slowly becoming one of my favorites and the fact that you get to see whats going on with Rafiq and Soraya and little Zamir is a bonus that little boy is still bad as ever.

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