1977 in Video Gaming
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1977 in Video Gaming

1977 has several new titles such as Space Wars and Zork.


Notable releases

The Atari Video Computer System was the most successful video game console of the second-generation era.

Video game consoles

  • In October, Atari releases the Video Computer System (later known as the VCS or Atari 2600) video game console alongside nine launch titles.[5]
  • Coleco releases a number of new models of the Telstar console: the Telstar Alpha, the Telstar Colormatic, the Telstar Regent, the Telstar Ranger, the Telstar Galaxy, and the Telstar Combat. Most of these systems feature only minor variations on the original Telstar model, such as new controller types (for example, the Ranger featured a light gun, while the Galaxy included joysticks).[6]

Home computers



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