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Couponing Made Easy: The 'How to Coupon Book'



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Hello! Raising a family, making ends meet and keeping food on the table can be a challenge these days. My husband and I sat down at the kitchen table one morning and discussed our situation. My youngest was just starting kindergarten and my other two daughters were at the tail end of elementary. There was no way that I could get a full time job. It didn’t make any sense to try daycare. Any paycheck that I would be able to bring in wouldn’t cover three children in an afterschool program. And my girls still needed me so we decided to try something different. Thanks to a few friends, I tried couponing. And couponing is fun! I started my journey toward saving money by piecing together advice from friends, blogs, and through trial and error in the grocery stores. I know that many people were amazed about the extreme couponing shows and the possibility of buying three hundred bottles of mouth wash and six thousand tooth brushes. I agree that this is amazing but as a stay-at-home mom, I just wanted to reduce my grocery budget every month. And not make my life more complicated. Really, what would I do with fifty toothbrushes when I simply want my kids to put away their laundry? Learning how to coupon took a bit of time. At first, I remember looking at the coupons on the table in front of me wondering was I really about to start cutting? So we made a family night of it, my husband and girls would sit around clipping coupons while I tried to get organized. Getting organized is key, believe me, after hundreds of trips to the grocery store, I learned how to organize a coupon plan that is easy and efficient. As my family enjoyed cutting our grocery bill in half, I shared the knowledge. A lot of people have asked me, 'how do I start couponing' or 'where I get coupons'? This led to teaching people one-on-one how to coupon, meeting friends for a fun night out at the grocery store couponing (yeah, it’s like that sometimes), and eventually, I began hosting coupon seminars at local churches, people’s homes, and at schools. Couponing Made Easy, the ‘How to Coupon’ book This book is the compilation of helping dozens of people save money. Couponing made Easy is designed to teach you how to use coupons and get the same results the ‘extreme couponers’ get. You will be able to save money the first time you go shopping with coupons. The immediate savings you get from using coupons will immediately start to save you money on your grocery bill. Couponing made Easy is a toolkit for anyone, inside you will find: • Easy to read advice about developing your own Coupon Book. The one you will carry with you when you shop. • Common sense techniques for coupon preparation - where to buy them, when to buy them, and how to use them to maximize you savings at the checkout! • Proven strategy tips that will make the shopping with coupons easier! • Questions to get you thinking about what kind of plan will best fit your needs! • Easy-to-follow instructions. How to use this book: Each chapter covers a different aspect of the couponing journey and can be read independently. For those of you who already coupon regularly - this book is still for you. I often hear people tell me that they have been couponing for years and learned a few things they didn’t know from my talks. Couponing is a fun and financially rewarding activity, with very little effort you will see a rate of return of over a 100% of your investment in it. Thanks, Eve

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